Toilet Chronicles – All Endings Guide

Here is a guide for all endings. I found some pretty tricky.

How to Get All Endings

Ending 0

For ending 0 you just have to go to the toilet and do your thing. When your neighbor asks for some toilet paper, leave the stall and go through the door.

Ending 1

For this ending you just have to interact (F) with the hand dryer 2 times and that should kill you and give you the ending.

Ending 2

For ending 2 you have to grab the grenade from the vent by opening it with the screwdriver or giving your neighbor some toilet paper. Now you just have to pull the pin and throw it on the ground. Stand on the grenade and boom! Another ending.

Ending 3

For this ending you have to grab the grenade again and pull the pin. Put it on your toilet and you get another ending.

Ending 4

For this ending you also need the grenade again. Knock on your neighbors door and then when he reaches his hand out under the stall pull the pin and give it to him. Another ending.

Ending 5

For this ending you just have to kill yourself again. I dont know the difference between this ending and ending 2.

Ending 6

For this ending you have to peek into your neighbors stall. Just jump while hugging the stall and you should get a warning that you can’t peek in other stalls. Click on I can’t be stopped and let the tentacle kill you.

Ending 7

After you get ending 1 the hand dryer should be fixed. Interact with it again for ending 7.

Ending 8

For ending 8 you have to grab the axe by exploding the door (or where the door was) with the grenade, walk through the black part and grab the axe. Now chop down the stall with the yellow door that is next to your neighbors stall and grab the gnome. And then right click while holding it for the ending.

Ending 9

For this ending you just have to throw alot of items into your neighbors stall (sodas gnome papers) until you get the ending.

Ending 10

For this ending you have to go outside the toilets by exploding the door and just walk over the banana peel.

Ending 11

For this ending you have to explode the door again. Then go to the door with the code and put this code in:

  • Blue 2
  • Orange 6
  • Pink 5
  • Green 9
  • Yellow 1
  • Red 8

Then you just have to walk through the door and wait for the ending to be given.

Ending 12

For this ending you have to open the door for ending 11 again and this time bring the gnome with you. This should give you the final ending of the game.

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