Touhou Hero of Ice Fairy: Prologue – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This guide explains how to get all achievements in the Touhou Hero of Ice Fairy: Prologue game.

How to Obtain All Achievements

The story opens (故事开幕)

  • Finish watching the opening animation

All you gotta do to get this is watch the opening animation. Pretty simple.

Set off on an adventure (冒险启程)

  • Complete the story level

All you gotta do is beat the game. Pretty simple.

Collection control (收集控)

  • Get all three spell cards

You basically get the last spell card when you beat challenge mode Remilia. It’s actually kinda simple.

Harmless gangster (无伤大佬)

  • Do not take any damage through the challenge levels of battle

Basically beat challenge Remilia without taking damage, seem simple.

Here’s a video of how I did it. Please don’t inquire as to how long it took me to complete this task. It wasn’t easy.

True braves (真正的勇者)

  • Complete all other achievements

Just get all the achievements, seem pretty simple.

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