Town of Salem 2 – Bodyguard Role Guide

Whether you’re a new player trying to understand the intricacies of this protective role or an experienced gamer looking to refine your strategies, this guide is designed to help you enhance your game-play experience. It covers the Bodyguard’s abilities, attributes, and limitations, along with vital strategies for effective communication, log-keeping, and deception. Additionally, it offers insights into how to convincingly masquerade as a Bodyguard for those tricky moments when subterfuge is necessary. Gear up and get ready to safeguard your town or skillfully mislead your opponents!

Guide to Bodyguard Role

Role Information

As a character aligned with the Town Protective group, the Bodyguard stands as a strong line of defense. Possessing no inherent immunities, the Bodyguard doesn’t have either attack or defense abilities. However, it carries the unique ability of protection, which can be employed to safeguard oneself or another player from a direct attack each night.

When the Bodyguard chooses to stay at home, they fortify their position and gain Basic Defense for the night. This ability to protect themselves is, however, limited to only two uses per game. When their protected target is directly attacked or is a victim of a harmful visit, the Bodyguard springs into action, engaging in a fight with the visitor. Both the Bodyguard and the attacker suffer a Powerful Attack during this skirmish.

A key attribute to remember is that the Bodyguard cannot guard against passive attacks. Furthermore, when the Bodyguard chooses to protect themselves, they do not engage in a fight with attackers. The singular goal that drives this role is the pursuit of justice, aiming to hang every criminal and evildoer to ensure the safety of the town.

Strategy Guide

Protection Priority

As a Bodyguard, your goal is to safeguard important town roles from being eliminated at night. It’s a good strategy to defend those who’ve revealed themselves as key roles, such as the Mayor or the Jailor.


While your primary role is to protect others, don’t forget about yourself. You can gain Basic Defense by choosing to protect yourself at night, although this can only be done twice. Use this wisely!


Remember, when you protect someone, you put your life on the line. If your protected target is attacked, both you and the attacker will be dealt a Powerful Attack. This means that you’ll likely be eliminated, but so will an enemy!


Keeping quiet about your role can sometimes be the best approach, especially early in the game. However, if you believe revealing your role will benefit the town, don’t hesitate to do so. Keep in mind that this will likely make you a target for the evil roles.

Bodyguard’s Game Log

Use this template to keep track of your actions and findings each night as a Bodyguard:

  • D1:
  • Observations:
  • N1:
  • Protection Target:
  • Result:
  • D2:
  • Observations:
  • Protection Target (if changed):
  • N2:
  • Protection Target:
  • Result:

Repeat this pattern for each subsequent day and night. Remember to keep updating your observations during the day as they can provide useful context for your actions and results.

Strategies for Masquerading as a Bodyguard

If you are playing a different role, especially an evil one, and need to disguise yourself as a Bodyguard, here are a few strategies that could help:

Understanding the Bodyguard Role

Make sure you know how the Bodyguard functions. Knowing the basics such as the limitation on self-protection, and the sacrifice involved in protecting others can help you mimic the role more effectively.

Matching Your Claims to Game Events

Ensure your claims align with the events happening in the game. If you claim that you protected a player and they were attacked, be ready to explain why they survived and you didn’t die.

Preparing a Fake Log

Keep a fake log just like a real Bodyguard. A fake log that aligns with your claims can help convince other players that you are indeed a Bodyguard.

Adapting to the Game

Be ready to adapt your claims based on how the game is progressing. If players start to question your actions, you’ll need to quickly think on your feet and provide a reasonable explanation.

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