Trifox – 100% Full Achievement Guide (with All Gem Chest Locations)

In this guide I’ll show you where to find the chests with gems and how to unlock all the achievements.

How to Obtain All Achievements and Find All Chests


Welcome to my achievement and gem location guide.

In this guide, I’ll explain the achievements and tell you where to find the chests with gems.


None of the achievements are missable and most of them you’ll unlock by just playing the game. I won’t list here the achievements for buying skills, completing levels, and destroying things as those don’t really need an explanation and you’ll just get them over time.

Specialist achievements

For those achievements, you need to have abilities active on a character t unlock it. It doesn’t matter if you sued them or not. Don’t forget to also change the jump ability. I did this while keep completing the first level as it is fast and you can skip a lot of enemies, which saves time.

Party popper

In the first level of the first hub, very soon in the level you’ll see a trio singing in the background. Kill them by shooting at them.. and then feel very bad for what you just did 😛

Bye bye Wilson

At the beginning of the second level of hub world 1 you’ll find a little to the left a ball with a face. Throw that in the sea to unlock this achievement.

Achievements for finding all the gems

What is great about Trifox is that it saves after every gem, so to pick up the missing ones you don’t have to complete the levels, just pick up those that you’re missing.

Gems World 1

Level 1-1

  • Left: A bit down from the starting point
  • Right: You can’t miss this one
  • Left: Go to the right before entering some sort of cave entrance
  • Right: Inside the cave, take the skull from the previous area with you

Level 1-2

  • Left: Go to the right close to the entrance and break the stone that covers this cave
  • Right: Route toward gem 2, need to have activated the handle in the cave first
  • Left:This is the second chest with coins you’ll find along this path, keep going south
  • Right: And there is the second gem

Level 1-3

  • Left: Under the waterfall, you need the skull
  • Right: When under the ground, in the top section of the dungeon (green switches with the skulls)
  • Left: When you have both skulls at the bottom scales this door unlocks
  • Right: Jump down in this area without spikes after activating the button at the end

Gems World 2

Level 2-1

  • Left: In the lava zone close to where you get the battery to activate the elevator. Go to the bottom of the screen and jump on the track, follow it up to get to this chest
  • Right: With 2 batteries you get a little further you can open a door here.
  • Jump into the lava from the last chest and you’ll end up here.

Level 2-2

  • Left: From the middle pit, this is a bit to the left. There is a big robot thingy flowing in the air, beat it to be able tor each this chest.
  • Right: From the middle pit, this is to the lower right side.
  • Left: In the area with many rocks and steam cannons.
  • Right: In the area with the big blocks you have to move.
  • After the area with the blocks you have to move.

Level 2-3

  • Left: After the platform moves down. In the room on the right.
  • Right: After the platform moved down for a second time. You have some platforms to get further into the room and instead of going left, go to the right.

Gems World 3

Level 3-1

  • Left: Early on in the game you see rafts moving down, first go down and then up the other path, but keep going up north and a bit east to reach this gem.
  • Right: By the next section with rafts, go north by jumping up the pillars.
  • Left: In the cave, directly after the jump pad, jump to the left.
  • Right: Take a battery from the woodwork area and don’t jump down after unlocking the gate with 3 buttons.

Level 3-2

  • Left: Next to one of the buttons, you have to press at the beginning of the level.
  • Right: In the area where you come outside, find the battery and go up north to those buttons, press them in the right order for the gem chest to appear.
  • Left: Breaking all targets in this are will make this jump button work.
  • Right: Go up north here, there is a breakable wall.
  • In the area with the carts with tracking system to open up the electric fences, go back where the carts are coming from.

Level 3-3

  • Left: In the top left section, on the track where you have to open doors for the block, but before the first door.
  • Right: In the top right section in the area with the moving platforms, in 3 corners there is a target to hit, which opens this door.
  • Left: In the down right area, one of the switches for this door is just a bit under the entrance to the top floor, the others you can reach by jumping in holes from the top floor.
  • Right: In the down left area, there is a button in the middle of the room and then each in a room where you come by jump in a hole from the top floor.

Gems World 4

Level 4-1

  • Left: Walk a bit south from the start of the level.
  • Right: And walk even more south for the second one.


Do you prefer to see this in video form? Here you can find the video guides from a friend of mine:

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