DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS – Tips / Guide for Survivor and Raider

These are tips and guides for how to play and win effectively as both Survivor and Raider.

Survivor Basics

These are the very very basics of being a Survivor. I’ll go over more advanced stuff next but this important to know if you don’t know.

  • This is not a fighting game! It’s not at all in the slightest a fighting game. Especially for new players, the goal is not to hurt or kill the Raider, it is for Survivors to survive against him. If you are his level, that means you can at best fight him to a standstill until you run out of energy, at which point you will die if you don’t know how to escape properly. If you are higher level than him, you can do some some damage but ultimately you will run out of energy and it will be same as above. For the basics, don’t fight, run away and live to not fight another day.
  • Don’t lead the enemy to your teammates. If he’s got you, then you are dead. Don’t drag teammates down with you to try to force them to save you. You won’t be saved and he will get 2 kills instead of 1.
  • Rescuing Citizens is the most surefire way to level up quick while denying the Raider energy for levels. Citizen’s out and keep away from the Raider to keep him weak while the team gets strong. You can most easily find citizens by listening for them calling for help.
  • If versing Frieza, Namekians will be among the Citizens. Namekians sometimes carry Dragon Balls. In additions, Frieza gets extra energy from killing Namekians without Dragon Balls, so rescuing them is triply important. Namekians speak differently than humans so you can prioritize their voices once you recognize them.
  • If you pick up a Dragon Ball, etiquette dictates giving it to whoever has the most. You can see how to drop it in the bottom left corner of your screen. Drop it near the person who has the most when you have an opoortunity so they can summon Shenron. Do not stand there holding it, especially when the other person is in front of you, spamming Dragon Balls. Give it to them.
  • While searching chests for Power Keys, you may find a Radar. There are 3 Radars. Citizen Radar, Power Key Radar and Dragon Radar. Dragon Radar comes in 3 levels that make all the Radars see a further distance away. The Citizen Radar is mostly useless but the Power Key Radar and a Lvl 2 or Lvl 3 Dragon Radar is strong enough to dictate what you should be doing that match. Power Key Radar means go find the Power Keys while letting allies place them. 2 or 3 Dragon Radar means it’s time to search for the Dragon Balls almost exclusively (though I recommend rescuing citizens along the way).
  • If you have the Super Time Machine placed, space out transforming to fight off the Raider. The Super Time Machine is a bomb counting down to the Raider and he wants it gone ASAP so keep him distracted 1 person at a time to get that clock to count down as fast as possible.
  • If you have to hold the enemy down, right-click is your dodge. Melee attacks are the best option to waste time so do them whenever possible or simply fly around and keep him focused on you.
  • If you should happen to have to fight, stay at range and fire ki blasts(melee attack button at a long distance) if possible, especially if you have a teammate holding the enemy down in melee. This does way more damage than melee does. Don’t waste your special since it will drain your transformation fast. Save it as a final hit.
  • If you happen to get the Dragon Balls and be the one to summon Shenron, evaluate the situation. Is your whole team alive at level 1 and 2 against a level 2 Raider? Maybe wish for everyone to level instead of just yourself. In almost any other case though, you’ll want to make yourself stronger instead because level 4 is much, much stronger than a level 3 due to no time limit on the transformation.
  • Remember that this is a team game and not a solo game. Sometimes sacrificing yourself so that the team wins is the best play. Don’t kill yourself for nothing but don’t be afraid to die if the situation requires you to take a big risk.

New Additions:

  • Crouching, or the ctrl key, is used to enter sneak mode. The Raider will have a harder time hearing you and can’t lock onto you unless they already have or they hit you manually.
  • Learn the maps. Once you understand where the caves, Shenron summons and escape time machines are, you can more easily avoid detection by the Raider.
  • Try to group up with others before starting the Escape Time Machine. If you start it as a team then it will be summoned faster and more people can escape. That said, the Escape Time Machine is destroyed in one hit and if it’s destroyed then everyone loses and no one escapes. So don’t be afraid to escape alone if needed because the others can still summon it again.
  • After Summoning the escape time machine, stay low to the ground, hide behind objects and move away from the Raider to increase you chances of getting away

Recommended Survivor Skills

Active Skills: Grappling Device, Capsule (Single-Wheel Motorbike), Charming Pose, Saiyan Pod Remote, Trap Device.

Passive Skills: Emergency Transformation(only while learning), Barrier Auto-Recovery, VIP Special, Expert Driver [Speed Boost], Expert Driver [Jump Boost], Wall Kick

Grapple for easy escape across the map. You start with it.

Motorbike for high speed transport across the map for an escape or quick zone change. Add on Expert Driver’s for faster speed and higher jump.

Charming Pose for a faster version of Solar Flare that can be used to stun the Raider for just a moment then Grapple far far away.

Saiyan Pod got nerfed since beta but it’s still great if you plan it ahead of time. Easy travel anywhere on the map.

Trap Device is great in caves because it’s got a low cooldown and the Raider has to get stunned by it to reach you in the cave most of the time. Run into a cave, drop it, hide wait for the stun then Grapple out. You may even be able to drop another at the cave exit for an extra stun when he leaves

Emergency Transformation will save you if you aren’t good at transforming before you get hit. Once you learn though, it can be put aside.

Barrier Recovery is great because you don’t have to carry around the Barrier capsules anymore.

VIP Special for cheap Cooldown Drinks and Energy from the vending machines

Wall Kick is a bit difficult but once you learn it, you can get up walls very quickly.

Advanced Survivor Tips

You should know the basics by now so these tips are more geared towards using your foundation and experience to maximize effectiveness.

  • If the Raider finds you, keep him busy for as long as possible. Fight him for a second, fly into a cave, drop a trap or wait for him to enter and use charming pose, motorbike out of there at high speed, get a little distance then grappling hook far away. It won’t be very long but seconds count, especially in the beginning.
  • Use the tactic above to harass the Raider if you are at his level or above. 7 people poking him and keeping him distracted adds up the time. Only do this if you’re confident in your escape skills though, otherwise you’ll just be feeding him.
  • If in Comms, give all Dragon Balls to whoever has a high level Dragon Radar and keep the Raider off of them.
  • You can drop Dragon Balls from high in the air. If the enemy has one, fight him to make him drop it, pick it up, fly high and drop it before flying away. He will lose track of the ball and that will give your allies an opportunity to get them.
  • Don’t Summon Shenron if the Raider has a Zone Destruction ready to use. He can block Shenron with it. If he’s saving it, go to an area where you’ve found the key (or one you don’t want to look for it at) and Summon Shenron and just grab the balls again. Be ready to fight in this case though cause he’ll want the Dragon Balls.
  • People rarely look up, if you’re out of cooldowns then fly as high as you can to run. He may lose track of you and even if he kills you, he can’t finish you off until you finish slow-falling to the ground.
  • While the Super Time Machine is charging, keep it between you and the Raider at all times. If he starts trying to go around, use Charming Pose or simply dodge away. He will likely try to melee at that distance and dodge rolls avoid melee attacks easily. Lay traps, dodge and Charming Pose to keep the Raider chasing as long as possible. He will eventually just start destroying the machine but many won’t start until after killing the Survivor near it.
  • Against Kid Buu’s Super Special Attack, the most surefire way to dodge the blasts that almost cover the map is to hide under something that can’t be destroyed. The blasts won’t penetrate even if you’re inside the AoE.
  • When absorbed by Buu, use senzu beans to revive others if you have any, otherwise find Fat Buu ASAP and then resurrect after escaping.
  • Don’t fight Spopovich. He seems weak and if the Raider is bad he will be weak, but a good player on Spopovich can end the game without leveling no problem. Keep him from getting energy from you or Citizens so delay Majin Buu as much as possible.
  • When facing Buu, the best opportunity to fight is against Fat Buu because Super Buu is as strong as Frieza and can hunt players down as well as Cell. Keep Buu at low level as long as possible. This is true for all Raiders but especially Buu.

New Additions:

  • If the Raider has Zone Destruction and isn’t in Area X, use the Summon in Area X to possibly panic the Raider into using Zone Destruction. They can’t target Area X and will be unable to stop you.
  • Don’t fight Frieza, especially early on. He levels from fighting and fighting him will only make him stronger.
  • Hide using ctrl while transformed to transform back. This will save unused energy and help get your transformation back quicker.
  • Reviving, saving a Civilian, Summoning Shenron, charging the Super Time Machine and calling the Escape Time Machine all stop you from leaving your transformation. If your transformation is almost out, do one of these to give yourself an extra hit before being killed.
  • Have Tien with Dodon Ray be your 3rd Transformation(all of them if you can manage). Dodon Ray is extremely strong, cheap and gets fired off very fast. If you manage to Summon Shenron and become a level 4 Tien, then an ally melee attacking the Raider lets you spam Dodon Ray repeatedly and take them from 100% to 0% in around 30-45 seconds. It’s that strong and it’s cheap enough to spam at any level.

Raider General Tips

In this section, I’ll explain the general tips of playing any Raider. These tips, combined with the tips for specific Raiders, will make destroying planets a breeze.

  • All Raiders first priority for skill points should be leveling up their ability to level up. This means Turn Into Candy on Buu, Life Absorption on Cell and That Actually Hurt as Frieza. This is because being a higher level than the Survivors makes them unable to effectively fight back or run away. All they can do is stall for their teammates. Level these up to at least 20 before putting any points anywhere else.
  • Turn your sound way up. Sound is the most effective way to find Survivors and Civilians. You can hear Civilians cry for help, hear Survivors moving around and the music will slightly change when a Survivor is nearby if they aren’t moving. Train your ears and you will find them easily.
  • Immediately go look for Survivors. They won’t be in your area starting off so go to the opposite populated area (like B or D in the Highland River area). If they are fighting or running away from you then they aren’t finding keys, saving civilians or collecting Dragon Balls. You also collect more energy than from Civilians, can steal Dragon Balls that they’ve already found and make them waste time reviving each other while creating a spot that you know they will return to.
  • This is a tip that is counterproductive to winning but please DO NOT PUPPYDOG-GUARD DEAD SURVIVORS it’s just bad etiquette, wastes your time, makes the game not fun for Survivors and is just toxic behavior that hurts the game. Now, that’s not to say you can’t come check on them every 30 seconds or so, but don’t just circle the area to keep anyone from saving them. You’ll already dominate the match enough without needing to do something like this.
  • Don’t eat Civilians until later transformations. The Survivors will waste time saving them and you can use them at later levels to finish stages if the Survivors keep you from leveling up on other Survivors.
  • Use Ki Blasts(melee attack from range) to attack from afar rather than using melee. Use Specials when the enemy attempts to run away because they home in better and do more damage. Save melee for when they use their Specials on you because they won’t be able to dodge.
  • Fly high in the sky to get a bird’s eye view on everything. It makes it harder for Survivors to hear your heartbeat and lets you see their movements more easily.
  • Destroy an area every time you level, but hold off on it until you’re about to level again. There are 2 strategies to this.
    • Destroy only areas that they haven’t finished to make the Super Time Machine start sooner. Do this if you are much stronger/have made Survivors waste their transformations a lot already. This will force their hand.
    • Destroy only areas they have found keys for already, prioritizing areas they haven’t set the key in yet. This will force them to find all the keys and give you more chances to level up. This is especially effective on Buu.
  • If you are getting ganged up on, don’t be afraid to run away. Their transformations are limited and your power isn’t. When their transformations run out, you can begin hunting again knowing that they can’t fight back next time.
  • If Shenron starts getting summoned, use your area destruction on whatever area he is being summoned from. This stops the summon from finishing and scatters the Dragon Balls again.
  • If the Survivor manages to summon Shenron and wishes to be level 4, their transformation no longer has limits. You have to kill them. The best strategy to do this is to stay out of melee range and keep firing ki blasts and Specials on them unless they are Special spamming, in that case, melee attack them to interrupt their Special.
  • After destroying the Super Time Machine, or after getting it down to 3 or less Survivors, blue lights will appear going into the sky where the escape time machine can be summoned. If they disappear, it means the time machine was summoned. It only takes one ki blast to destroy it and if you hit it, then you kill everyone as there is only 1 escape time machine.

Frieza Tips

Frieza is a battle-oriented Raider meaning that he is at his best when he gets the Survivors to fight with him. I personally dislike Frieza because of his style of gameplay. That said, he can still dominate if you play him correctly.

  • Frieza makes Namekian Civilians spawn on the map. They have Dragon Balls in their possession and killing the ones that don’t have Dragon Balls gives almost as much energy as a Survivor does. If you hear a Namekian Civilian, go ahead and kill them and ignore any humans cause they aren’t worth the time.
  • Search out Survivors immediately. If you can get them to fight you then you will level up faster. Fighting = Levels on Frieza so get as many Survivors to fight you as possible as early as possible. Once they level up, they will start hitting harder.
  • Destroy areas where the power key hasn’t been found yet. You want the Survivors to spawn the Super Time Machine as quickly as possible so that you can force them to fight you.
  • Use Zarbon and Dodoria to guard areas, especially dead bodies, escape time machines and the Super Time Machine if you are busy fighting someone else. They can also be used to increase your attack range meaning that you can hit people summoning Shenron or who have gotten in a Time Machine from further away.
  • Finish Survivors at a distance. It makes it harder for allies to stop you from finishing.
  • If the Survivors start ganging up on you, use Break Strike (The non-Zarbon/Dodoria skill) to knock everyone back. You can even use it while being melee attacked.

Cell Tips

Cell is a search-and-destroy Raider. This means he hunts down Survivors and makes them unable to hide to escape. Cell can end games quickly and easily, leaving the Survivors no chance to fight back. Cell has the potential to end games faster than any other Raider.

  • In Larva Stage, find Civilians as quickly as possible or Survivors if they aren’t leveled. But focus on getting Level 2 ASAP.
  • Starting from Level 2, start hunting Survivors down. Use Ki Detection if you can’t find them normally and if you can, then use Ki Detection if they somehow manage to get away. Use Ki Detection on cooldown (every 30 seconds). With luck, the Survivors have only about 4-5 minutes once you hit level 2 until you’ve hunted down all of them. Focus on areas where the keys have been found but not placed yet, or areas where the key hasn’t been found at all.
  • If an enemy tries to fight back, use Solar Flare to stun them for a long time. This works on everyone around you so it’s great if you’re getting ganged up on as well.
  • After-Image is faster than flying so can be used to chase down fleeing Survivors and dodge attacks when getting ganged up on. You get 5 After-Images so once you finish your 4th or 5th one, attack from it to catch them off guard.
  • Cell is not readily equipped for Combat so try not to fight if possible and use your Skills and Specials to dodge/escape while killing those who try to escape from you.
  • After killing a Survivor, use Ki Control by holding the ctrl key to hide your energy. This will make you disappear from Survivor’s vision much faster.
  • Don’t worry about destroying areas because it will make them waste time finding keys while you hunt them down.
  • If an Escape Time Machine is summoned, use After-Image to get to it more quickly. You can attack from After-Image once you get close enough.

Majin Buu Tips

Buu is the newest addition and many Survivors don’t know how to face him yet. He is a Hybrid Raider that can do anything depending on his stage. Level 1 Buu, aka Spopovich, is the strongest start in the game with Level 4 Buu being the strongest finish. Level 2 Buu is the weakest and Level 3 Buu is, in my opinion, only about as good as Cell 2-4. That doesn’t mean Buu is a pushover by any means and if Survivors don’t understand how to face him, they can’t beat him regardless of stage.

  • Ignore Civilians until at least 2. Spopovich is extremely strong against Survivors, especially since they are low level.
  • While Level 1, Summon Yamu when you spot Survivors to steal their energy and fill your bar. The cooldown is short so you can do this often. Also use Ki Blasts almost exclusively because Spopovich’s Ki Blast is as strong as Tien’s Dodon Ray and can be spammed extremely quickly.
  • If your energy is full and you kill a Survivor, don’t finish them and instead go revive Buu and come back for easy levels.
  • Once Level 2, focus on Getting Level 3. Buu is at his weakest at Level 2 so get out of it as soon as possible, even if that means finding Civilians.
  • If you’re low on health, eat a Survivor or Civilian to regain health.
  • Use Go-Go Gum on on escaping enemies to hold them down for easy damage. Use Ki Blasts on them while they are trapped because it won’t break from a Ki Blast but will for a melee or Special.
  • If the enemy fights back. use Angry Shout. If being ganged up on, use Angry Shout or Angry Explosion to keep enemies away and prevent damage.
  • Once level 3, hunt down enemies just as you would Cell. Ki Detection in areas that haven’t been completed yet. Also use Ill Bomber to go invisible and hunt for enemies while undetected. Do these immediately after absorbing the Survivors inside of you to find them quickly.
  • Take your time going from 3 to 4. Wait until almost no Survivors remain to be most effective then eat the last one to pull the remaining few into your stomach and prevent escape.
  • After achieving level 4, immediately use Assault Rain. The opponents won’t know where they are and if they don’t hide in a cave in time, then they will be goners.
  • If the enemy tries using the escape time machine, use Ill Bomber to sneak up on them so they might not panic and escape ASAP. Alternatively, use it to hide at the escape time machine and draw them to you.

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