Trimps – Full Mastery / Dark Essence Guide

A guide on the best order to buy masteries in and why. Masteries are unlocked on Zone 181 when you start being able to harvest Dark Essence.

Guide to Full Mastery / Dark Essence


Mastery is a system that is unlocked when you first reach Zone 181. That’s when you unlock the Scryer formation and become able to use it to harvest Dark Essence from the world.

In this guide, Mastery names written in underline are Masteries that are far more powerful than other Masteries in the same row. Those are especially sought after.

Some Mastery picks outlined in this guide you may want to choose in a different order depending on your playstyle. In this guide I assume you do 1 Daily per day overnight using Time Warp and properly set up Map at Zone, and as many quick non-Daily runs (also called filler runs) as you can during the day (ideally 3 or more).

This guide contains spoilers, especially when reading the Terminology section or reading high tier Masteries, so beware.


In this guide some terminology is used that you may not know, so I will explain it here.

  • Filler run – A quick non-Daily run. These runs dont usually take more than 2 hours. Used for farming Helium and Fluffy Exp outside of Dailies.
  • Push run – A long run where you try to progress as far as you can. Push runs are used to farm Dark Essence and increase Highest Zone Reached for Liquification.
  • Climbing Bionic Wonderland – When pushing, it is a good idea to complete Bionic Wonderlands on Poison Nature Empowerment much higher than your current zone, to acquire gear from future zones. This is because Poison is a huge buff to damage, and if you don’t climb for prestige upgrades in later zones, you may find yourself immediately out of damage when you step into Wind Nature Empowerment.
  • Helium Spec / Hybrid – The default multipurpose specialisation, designed mainly for farming Helium. In Helium Spec, you use AutoGold Helium (until Zone 350) and AutoGold Voidlium (after Zone 350) to maximize Helium. Gain Fuel only for 20-40 zones. If you use Perky to assign your Perks, your ideal weights for Helium/Attack/Health/Fluffy are 500/50/1/500.
  • Fluffy Spec – The specialisation designed for farming Fluffy Experience. In Fluffy Spec, you use AutoGold Voidtle to maximize attack power without compromising Nullifium gains. Gain Fuel only for 20-40 zones. If you use Perky to assign your Perks, your ideal weights for Helium/Attack/Health/Fluffy are 1/50/1/500. This specialisation is most frequently used:
    • At Fluffy Evolution 7, after reaching about 2-5Sx total Helium, to reach E7L10 (Evo 7 Level 10). At E7L10 you gain an immensely powerful Helium farming ability that will let you start farming Helium again.
    • At Fluffy Evolution 8, after reaching 50-100Sx total Helium, to reach E8L10 (Evo 8 Level 10) and unlock Universe 2.
  • Battle Spec – The specialisation designed for progressing as far as possible, used for clearing Spires for the first time, farming DE and improving Liquification and Challenge² bonus. In Battle Spec you use AutoGold Battle or AutoGold Voidtle. Gain Fuel throughout the entire run. If you use Perky to assign your Perks, you should use the “Other c²” Preset.

Tier 1

  1. Bounty Hunter – This mastery is excellent as you can finally stop having to remember about running The Wall.
  2. Portal Generator / Turkimp Tamer I / Bionic Magnet I / Explorer Aura I – Pick whichever you like.
  3. Home Detector – Weakest one as at this point in the game you no longer need the early housings.

Tier 2

  1. Headstart I – Greatly increase your Helium income from Lead and any other future Helium challenges.
  2. Herbalist – Good damage improvement.
  3. Scryhard I – Helps greatly with Dark Essence gathering.
  4. Metallic Coat – Helps moderately with survivability in the world.
  5. Heirnuum I – Slightly improves all Heirloom stats.
  6. Void Power I – Slightly increase stats in Void Maps.

Tier 3

  1. Headstart II – Another very good chunk of Helium coming in from Helium challenges.
  2. Legs for Days / Map Reducer I / King of Bones I – Legs for Days is great if you’re keeping up with your Dailies. Map Reducer I makes it easier to farm map stacks. King of Bones I slightly improves your bone generation.
  3. Void Power II – Small improvement to Void Map clears.
  4. Safe Mapping – Health buff in maps, not really needed much.

Tier 4

  1. Hyperspeed I – Hugely improve the speed of filler runs, as well as increase resources from map farming.
  2. Randimp – Great source of more resource income, max Trimps, and more health.
  3. Map Battery – Doubles your attack in the world when pushing.
  4. Blacksmithery I / Turkimp Tamer II – Blacksmithery I improves the speed of your filler runs. Turkimp Tamer II permanently provides you with additional Metal generation.
  5. Headstart III – Not a huge boost to pretty much anything. It’ll be a tiny bit more Helium.

Tier 5

  1. Expert Gen – Great source of additional Magmite.
  2. Magma Flow – Great for both more fuel generation and more Magmite generation.
  3. Hyperspeed II – Great for speeding up filler runs.
  4. Blacksmithery II – Great for speeding up filler runs.
  5. King of Bones II – Big improvement to bone generation.
  6. Explorer Aura II – More fragments is nice, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble affording maps.

Tier 6

  1. Scryhard II – Significant boost to Helium earned.
  2. Void Power III – Decent strength increase for Void Maps and improves the speed of your fillers by speeding up Void Map clears.
  3. Blacksmithery III – Improves the speed of your fillers and lets you free up a M@Z row that you might’ve had for farming prestige upgrades.
  4. Liquification I – Improves the speed of your fillers.
  5. Heirnuum II – Slight improvement to everything Heirloom related.
  6. Map at Zonier – While nice, this one doesn’t really give you anything you can’t do yourself so it is last.

Tier 7

  1. Still Rowing I – Significant increase to Helium earned.
  2. Magmamancermancy – Good damage boost, especially when pushing.
  3. Patience – Good attack boost.
  4. Kerfluffle – Good attack boost.
  5. Map Reducer II – Fair boost to resources earned from map caches.
  6. Natural Diplomacy I – Not really needed too early. You will still be levelling all Natures and won’t need trading.

Tier 8

  1. Void Specialization I – Immense improvement to Helium earned.
  2. Strength in Health I – A significant amount of additional damage.
  3. Still Rowing II – A high amount of additional damage.
  4. Liquification II – Increase the speed of your fillers.
  5. Amalgagreater – A moderate amount of additional damage.
  6. Natural Diplomacy II – Decent improvement to Nature stack transfer, bringing it from 80% to 85%.

Helium Spec / Hybrid

When farming Helium, pick the order outlined above.

Fluffy Spec

When farming Exp, we focus on damage and run time:

  • Strength in Health I -> Still Rowing II -> Liquification II -> Amalgagreater -> Others

Battle Spec

When pushing, we focus on damage:

  • Strength in Health I -> Still Rowing II -> Amalgagreater -> Natural Diplomacy II -> Others

Tier 9

  1. Void Specialization II – Immense increase to Helium earned.
  2. Flufffocus – Immense increase to Exp earned.
  3. Flufffinity – Fluffy Abilities are powerful, so this will frequently give early access to a strong ability.
  4. Bionic Magnet II – Required when doing push runs. Can cut down time spent climbing Bionic Wonderlands threefold or more.
  5. Excessive / Charged Crits – Excessive improves the speed of your filler runs. Charged Crits is a decent amount of damage, great for push runs.

Helium Spec / Hybrid

When farming Helium, pick the order outlined above.

Fluffy Spec

When farming Exp, we focus early on Excessive to improve run time:

  • Flufffocus -> Excessive -> Flufffinity -> Others

Battle Spec

When pushing, we focus early on damage and ability to climb Bionic Wonderland:

  • Bionic Magnet II -> Charged Crits -> Flufffinity -> Others

Tier 10

  1. Mesmer – An enormous increase to Helium earned, and a great boost to attack and health.
  2. Strength in Health II – A huge increase to Helium earned.
  3. Master of the Void – A large increase to Helium earned, and a speed increase for filler runs.
  4. Still Magmamancing – An immense increase to damage dealt, especially in filler runs.
  5. Liquification III – Significant speed increase to filler runs.
  6. Angelic – Very powerful health regeneration. Useless in Universe 1. Required in Universe 2.

Helium Spec / Hybrid

Pick the order outlined above. Remember that you must have Angelic if you are entering Universe 2.

Fluffy Spec

When farming Exp, we focus on damage and run time speed.

  • Mesmer -> Liquification III -> Still Magmamancing -> Master of the Void -> Others

Battle Spec

When pushing, we focus on damage.

  • Mesmer -> Still Magmamancing -> Others
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