Turing Complete – Guide to Achievement Circuits

Solution for all achievements that require a certain curcuit.

All Achievement Solutions with Certain Curcuits


  • Complete the XOR level using Only 4 Nand gates and nothing else.

5 Component Full Adder

  • Complete the full adder level using only 5 blue components.

Symmetric ALU

  • Complete then “Logic Engine” level using only components from the “BYTES” category.

3 Adder Multiply

  • Complete “The Product of Nibbles” using no more than three 8 bit adders.

Condition 10

  • Complete the level called “Conditions” using only 10 blue components.

Fast Adder

  • Complete the byte adder with a delay of 35 or less.

Note: This circuit has a delay of 34.

Binary Counter

  • Complete the Counter level with a 65 nand score or less.

Note: This circuit has a gate score of 55.

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