LiMiT’s Escape Room Games – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This guide is not a walkthrough, if you want to finish the escape room, the hint system is pretty good; this is only a guide in order to get all achievements.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Apartment Room

Take all colour blocks and put them on the puzzle on the wall:

  1. Check the pizza box, there’s a code here and put it on the locker behind the table
  2. One of the doors to the left of the washer
  3. Behind books on the bookshelf

Put the pieces this way:

Rotate It

  • Solve the color puzzle in “Apartment”

Go to the light puzzles and put the next sequence: off-on-off-on-off-on-on-off-on

Click, Click, Click

  • Solve the lightswitch riddle in “Apartment”

Then, go to the library and put the next code: 637124

I can see the sun

  • Open the first door in “Apartment”

Leave the room, find the valve in the shelf next to the door, put it in the pipeline behind the fountain and turn it on.

Pump it!

  • Empty the fountain in “Apartment”

Open the box with the code: 1972, take the hammer and destroy all vessels.

Tasmanian Devil

  • Open the last door with: 8417

That’s it

  • Finish the level “Apartment”

Office Room

At the right side of the printer, there’s a key inside a box to open the door in front of the exit.

Search all the colours blocks and insert them in the labyrinth

  • Green: In the middle room of the corridor, on a box in a corner.
  • Red: In the room in front of the printer
  • Blue: In the third room of the corridor, on a corner
  • Yellow: On the bookshelf, behind a vase

Look at the TV and press the number 8 on your keyboard.

Time to relax

  • Solve the labyrinth (if you can’t, go to the TV and press 5 to see the solution)

Getting blocked

  • Solve the block puzzle in “Office”

Take the key and open the door in front of the labyrinth.

Search the chess blocks:

  • King: behind the four bowls next to the printer
  • Knight: On the shelf beside the labyrinth
  • Queen: behind the blinds
  • Rook: On the bookshelf
  • Bishop: On the first room of the corridor
  • Pawn: On the first room of the corridor behind the door.

The order is: pawn – queen – knight – bishop – king – rook.

The pawn on the rook

  • Solve the chess puzzle in “Office”

Open the safe just behind the previous puzzle with: 25918


  • Enter the safekey in “Office”

Take the two final colour blocks

  • On the previous safe.
  • On the third room of the corridor.

The solution is: red – blue – green – yellow – light blue – pink – pink – blue – blue – yellow – light blue – green

Not bad at all

  • Solve the symbol puzzle in “Office”

Open the last door with: 659987

Up up and away

  • Finish the Office level.

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