Twin Mirror – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Guide to unlock all the achievements.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Remember that you can use more saving slots and you can re-play a scene after the end of your run.

Not Missable Achievements (Just Play)

Way back home

  • Finish the “Memory lane” scene

Raise a glass

  • Finish the “Raise a glass” scene

Things could be worse

  • Finish the “Wake up!” scene

Knowledge is power

  • Finish the “Ghosts” scene

Nice catch

  • Finish the “To catch a fish” scene

Trial by fire

  • Finish the “Refuge” scene

Missable Achievements

Lost and found

  • Find one memento

See the list below.

A blast from the past

  • Relive one memory

See the list below.

Full house

  • Find all the mementos

See the list below.

Cherish your memories

  • Relive all your memories

See the list below.

List of Mementos and Memories

Lookout point

  • The carvings on the tree (Anna’s memento 1)
  • The telescope (Memory 1)

Miner’s haven (out)

  • Old sign near the back door (Nick’s memento 1)

Miner’s haven

  • Photo of Nick (Memory 2)
  • Jukebox (Memory 3)
  • The guitar (Anna’s memento 2)

Miner’s haven (storage room)

  • Fancy bottle on the shelf (Ethan’s memento 1)

Downtown of Basswood

  • Dennis license plate (Dennis’s memento 1)
  • Miner graffiti (Joe’s memento 1)


  • Painted glass jair (Kathy’s memento 1)


  • Cards on the floor (Memory 4)
  • Declan’s keychain (Declan’s memento 1)

Basswood jungle

  • Name plate of Sam (Walter’s memento 1)
  • Team photo (Tara’s memento 1)(while you search Walter’s password)

Anna’s house (out)

  • Sign “Home Sold” near the storage cabin (Memory 5)

Anna’s house

  • Travel Journal on the floor (Anna’s memento 3)
  • The desk in front of Anna (Memory 6)

Anna’s house (Joan’s room)

  • Joan’s toy (Joan’s memento 1)
  • The bed (Memory 7)

Fishing cabin

  • Fishing rod near the camp fire (Memory 8)
  • Photo of Nick and Kathy (Nick’s memento 2)
  • Comic on the outside bench (Joan’s memento 2)

A foot in the door

  • Find your way out of the infinite hallway without help

Just do not fail the minigame of the doors (in case, re-load). Run only through the doors with the sign “Take Control”,”Focus”,ecc… and in the end choose the door “I need to know the truth”.

Waka waka

  • Play an old favorite

Play with the arcade game in the bar at the morning.

Super sleuth

  • Reconstruct Dennis’s murder without help

You need to select the right clues, before to go in panic.

Dennis’ chest, bullet injury, the poked bullet on the board, the holster on the desk, the gun in the murderer hand, the Dennis corp and the blood next to him.

Smooth talker

  • Talk to Anna without asking for advice

Just don’t ask hints to the Double while you speak with Anna at her home.

Code breaker

  • Crack the code on Nick’s fishing bag on your first try


Manners make the man

  • You’ve made 60% of your decisions as your social self

It’s not clear how many decisions there are. I suggest to play a run choosing always to accept the proposals of the Double.

You’ll never be alone

  • You’ve chosen your social self

Choose to keep the Double.

Master negotiator

  • You kept Anna alive by putting yourself in your opponent’s shoes

Choose to keep the Double with you and follow his suggestions to confront Declan.

No place like home

  • Stay in your hometown

Choose to keep the Double with you and finish the game (wait the credits start).

Straight shooter

  • You’ve made 60% of your decisions as your analytical self

It’s not clear how many decisions there are. I suggest to play a run choosing always to refuse the proposals of the Double.

Truth is everything

  • You’ve chosen your analytical self

Choose to keep the Mind Palace.

Presence of mind

  • You kept Anna alive by outsmarting your opponent

Choose to keep the Mind Palace and do not fail the confrontation with Declan (Throw a stone, Declan approches to Anna, Try to take the gun from Declan).

Onwards and upwards

  • Leave for pastures new

Choose to keep the Mind Palace and finish the game (wait credits start to roll).

No stone unturned

  • Explore all the endings

They are essentially four:

  • Keep the Double and save Anna (see “Master negotiator”).
  • Keep the Double and lose Anna (refuse all the suggestion of the Double).
  • Keep the Mind Palace and save Anna (see “Presence of mind”).
  • Keep the Mind Palace and lose Anna (don’t follow “Presence of mind”).

Note: wait the credits start to roll for each ending.

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