Shadow Tactics: Aiko’s Choice – 100% Full Achievement/Trophy Guide

This is a complete guide for all the achievements in Shadow Tactics: Aiko’s Choice. There are 44 achievements that I arranged by category.

How to Obtain All Achievements/Trophies

Stuff You Want to Know About

  • Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 15 to 20 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: There is chapter select and missions will have to be replayed several times to get badges.
  • Number of missable achievements: 0
  • Does difficulty affect achievements?: No

44 Total Achievements

  • 7 Secret Achievements – Hidden achievements that you can unlock accidentally or by following a guide like this.
  • 15 Special Achievements – These are like challenges.
  • 16 Grind Achievements – These achievements require a bit of grinding.
  • 6 Story Achievements – These achievements automatically unlock as you progress the story.

Note: The screenshot below is not for an achievement but for the badge (Nagoya City): Kill 5 enemies at the same time with Mugen’s Sword Wind.

Secret (Hidden) Achievements

One Bush to Hide Them All

  • Hide with all characters in a single bush.

They Never Listen

  • Talk to a samurai when disguised with Aiko.

Equip a disguise on Aiko, quicksave then press D and click on the Samurai to talk to him. Quickload and continue your mission.

Vacation Time

  • Find the perfect spot for sunbathing.

In the mission Toba Coastline, look for a small empty island in the middle of the map. Bring your characters in the island and it will trigger a conversation.

Screen Wrap

  • Come out of the other side of the river in Nagoya.

In the mission Nagoya City, swim on one side of the river to come out on the other side.

Diver’s Delight

  • Travel 1200 meters in water during the mission “The Best Laid Plans”.

You should unlock this on your first playthrough of this mission. Just swim around until the achievement pops.

Just Let Us In

  • Fail the Shrine riddle at the beginning 3 times.

In the mission Hana Gakuen, there is a Shrine riddle at the beginning. The correct answer is bird-monkey-frog. Touch the stones in the wrong order and fail 3 times.

Kuma’s Story

  • Listen to everything Kuma has to say.

In the Epilogue mission, interact with Kuma several times to talk to him until you get the achievement.

Special Achievements

Five Shadows

  • Execute a plan with all 5 characters.

In any mission where you have all 5 characters, use Shadow Mode and execute a walk command on all 5 characters.

Planning Master

  • Kill or knock out 5 guards at the same time with all 5 characters.

In any mission where you have all 5 characters, use Shadow Mode to kill or knock out 5 guards at the same time. If you are having trouble doing this during normal play, just knock out 4 guards, use shadow mode to have Hayato, Yuki, Mugen, and Aiko kill the 4 guards and have Takuma snipe a fifth guard.

Deadly Acrobatics

  • Kill a guard with a drop attack from a rope.

Good Old Rock… Nothing Beats That

  • Kill a samurai with a rock.

In the mission Hana Gakuen, have Mugen pick up the big rock and throw it at a samurai.

Everyone Likes to Pet the Tanuki

  • Distract 4 guards at the same time with Kuma.

Sunflower Samurai

  • Kill a Samurai with a flower pot.

Fare Well

  • Throw a guard into a well.

You can unlock this during the first mission. Throw the guard into the well after killing/knocking him out.


  • Kill all enemies at the mansion in Nagoya.

He Did Not Use His Leg

  • Kill at least 3 guards in the mission “A Night at Sea”.

Use Kuma to attract the guard where a samurai and straw hat is talking then drop the box on them.

Sleepy Takuma

  • Don’t kill anyone with Takuma during the mission “The Best Laid Plans.”

Only use Takuma’s sniper rifle to stun a samurai.

Knife in the Back

  • Kill the Captain.

The Lights Stay On

  • Don’t extinguish any light sources in Matsuyama.

Face to Face

  • Kill Lady Chiyo without getting a disguise.

In the mission Hana Gakuen, don’t get a disguise for Aiko. Kill Lady Chiyo using explosives or poison (mission objective). Don’t kill Lady Chiyo using other characters as this will not count.

What’s Done is Done

  • Kill Lady Chiyo with any character other than Aiko.

In the mission Hana Gakuen, use Takuma’s bomb to kill Lady Chio. Stand just behind the gate and throw the bomb near Lady Chio while she speaks with the crowd.

Tunnel Rat

  • Find all hidden caves in Hana Gakuen.

Open all the hidden caves in Hana Gakuen by interacting with the bird statue located all over the map. There are 5 hidden caves. Use Highlight (default key: H) and scan your map to make sure you don’t miss any. The achievement will pop up after completing the mission.

Caves 1 and 2

Cave 3

Cave 4

Cave 5

Grind Achievements


  • Kill or knock out 50 guards.

See Shinobi.


  • Kill or knock out 100 guards.

See Shinobi.


  • Kill or knock out 150 guards.

You will unlock this on your first playthrough. There are many enemies in the main missions.


  • Hide 50 bodies.

See Masterful.


  • Hide 100 bodies.

See Masterful.


  • Hide 150 bodies.

Start doing this as soon as the first mission. You can complete this in just 1 playthrough.


  • Kill 30 guards with the help of the environment.

You can easily complete this during the mission Hana Gakuen. Use the environment traps as often as possible. You can get around 20+ kills on this map alone.

He Had to Use His Leg

  • Kill 10 guards with Takuma’s Sniper Rifle that are farther than 25 meters away from him.

To easily unlock this, find a guard that is far away. Quicksave then kill the guard using Takuma’s rifle. Quickload then do it again. Repeat until you get the achievement.

A Strong Blow

  • Kill 20 guards with Mugen’s Swordwind.

You will unlock this during normal playthrough. Use sword wind on groups of enemies.

Multiple Personalities

  • Use Aiko’s disguise 15 times.

You can unlock this as soon as you get your first disguise. Equip the disguise then crouch to unequip it. Repeat until you get the achievement.

Little Giant

  • Kill 3 Samurai with Yuki.

To kill a samurai, stun him first by shooting (gun icon skill) him using another character other than Yuki. Make sure you are far enough (not within the blue circle) so the samurai can’t shoot you back. Use Yuki (approach from the samurai’s blind spot) to kill the samurai. Do this 3 times to get the achievement.

An Even Older Trick in the Book

  • Distract 50 guards with Hayato’s stone.

You can distract the same enemies as many times as you want using Hayato’s stone.

All Bad Things Come From Above

  • Kill 10 guards with a drop attack.

Slash enemies after dropping on them from a roof, rope or any high places.

Three for Two for One

  • 3 times in one mission, kill 2 guards at once with Mugen’s Swordwind.

Use sword wind on groups of enemies (except if there is a samurai with them).

Clean Hands, Dirty Tricks

  • Kill 10 guards with traps in Hana Gakuen.

Interact with the trap switch when a guard is in front of the trap. You can lure them using Yuki’s whistle, Mugen’s sake or Kuma.

Badge Collector

  • Collect 17 badges.

There are 3 missions where you can get badges. Each mission has 9 badges so there are 27 total badges and you only need to get 17. You cannot complete all 9 badges in 1 playthrough. You cannot earn a badge on the easiest difficulty. Play on normal difficulty on your first playthrough and don’t worry about the badges, you cannot see them yet. You may need to play some missions multiple times to get the badges. You can also play on Hardcore mode, it’s not that hard once you know what to do.

Story Achievements

These achievements will unlock after completing missions.

Reunion at Nagoya

  • Finish the mission “Reunion at Nagoya”.

This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

A Night at Sea

  • Finish the mission “A Night at Sea”

This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

The Best Laid Plans

  • Finish the mission “The Best Laid Plans”.

This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

Red Lights at Matsuyama

  • Finish the mission “Red Lights at Matsuyama”.

This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

The Secrets of Hana Gakuen

  • Finish “The Secrets of Hana Gakuen”.

This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

Aiko’s Choice

  • Finish all missions.

This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

You’ve reached the end! Thank you for checking out my guide. Good luck and have fun with Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun – Aiko’s Choice!


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  1. For What’s Done is Done, you can also shoot Lady Chiyo with any of Hayato, Yuki or Aiko by jumping up to the temple in front of the shrine. Lady Chiyo just passes in range of the flintlock when walking from the theater to the shrine.

  2. You can also get What’s Done is Done by killing Lady Chiyo as she’s walking across the bridge. You’ll need to position someone at the top of the waterfall where you end the mission. That spot is accessible via a hidden tunnel. From there, you can either hit her with a shuriken or shoot her.

  3. You don’t actually have to kill Lady Chiyo using explosives or poison to unlock the Face to Face achievement. As the name suggests, running up to the target and stabbing her will work just as fine. Just remember to forgo the disguises.

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