Under Supernova – Starter Guide (How to Play)

A learning tutorial on how to get started. For dummies. Like me.

How to Start

The Basics

The game is based from China I believe, but has been translated to English.

In the menu, on top right, there is a drop down to select language, can change it to english from there. Each time you start the game, you’ll have to set it.

Once in-game, you won’t see all of this, but I will guide you how to do it.

First thing to do, is select resources and harvest a large area. Fell the trees in the same area next. Then finally carry all. This may not be the best approach, as you’ll have nothing to store them in. You’ll also have no resources to build storage till this point…so…

From there, click build, choose recipe and make cabinets and bins. I did two of each, probably only need one. The UI could use work, cause its easy to accidently make more than one.

Now your seeds are stored. go to farm. cultivate an area. And then do seed ratio. The seeds aren’t in english, so I randomly chose. And then press the botton on the right side of the left menu that isn’t in english

You’ll also likely want to go underground…planet…gets bombarded often. Life of a dwarf. Though this game reminds me more of sim ant than dwarf fortress, so go at this game as like you would sim ant.

To do that. Go back to resources, dig, and select ONE tile to dig. Dig two down, same spot preferably. To change Z levels, press shift + < (for going down) and shift + > (for going up)

Eventually you’ll get here, and can start making your…ant-like colony. It takes a while to dig it seems, but it does seem you can farm and live in safety from bombardments.

This is the end of part one of the guide. I haven’t gotten further than this yet.

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