Unpacking – Solutions for Level 3-6

Here you can find some tips to complete level 3-6. Warning! This guide contain spoilers.

Level 3-6 Solutions

Level 3

Where to place the frisbee and the blue box?

  • Frisebee can go in the cupboard. The ‘blue box’ is Nintendo GameCube (game console) pop that in the lounge.

Level 4

Where to place this girl’s certificate?

  • Just place it under the bed.

Where to place whiteboard magnet?

  • Put it on the fridge.

Level 5

Where to place a photo of two people from the board on the wall?

  • Put it in the locker in the room.

Level 6

Where to put the ball of wool?

  • It’s not a ball of wool it’s a ‘loofah’ for washing yourself with. Put it in the shower.

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