NieR Replicant – Save Games for Different Endings

Don’t want to play through the game for 4 times to see all the content it has to offer? By mistake deleted your save game before watching Ending C? Corrupted Save Game? Use my save game to see all the contents of the game without needing to grind for 20 hrs.

Endings Save Games


Download the corresponding Save Game Files(.rar) and extract them. After extraction is done put the extracted files in this location:

  • “%USERPROFILE% \ Documents \My Games\NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139\Steam\ \”

Then replace all the files (Make sure to do a backup of your files before attempting this).

Ending C & D


By loading this save file you can either play from the beginning of Playthrough B or C or before making the decision to get either Ending C or D.

Save 1- Load this save game and it will spawn you outside the Shadowlord’s castle(all weapons have been collected). Play through the upcoming section and at the end you will need to choose either to kill or spare.By choosing “Kill” you will get Ending C.

By choosing “Spare” you get Ending D (put passcode “Anix” when asked to erase all data) and can start Playthrough E.

Save 2 – This starts you at the beginning of Playthrough C.

Save 3 – This starts you at the beginning of Playthrough D.

Playthrough E (Only Kaine’s Part)


If you want to skip all the “grinding” of playthroughs B,C,D and E and only want to play the “new/unplayed” section of the game then load this save file and you can play through the Kaine’s part of Playthrough E and get to see the Ending E (use name “Anix” when it asks for the name before it delete’s the data).

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