Urbek City Builder – How to Get Office-Commercial

Stumped on how-to get offices and commercial skyscrapers? This quick guide will get you on your way by utilizing a grid format to progress.

Guide to Get Office-Commercial


In general, you will need a mixture of what is listed below even if your goal is not to build skyscrapers.

  • 8-Story mixed office-commercial.
  • 10 or more connectivity.
  • 90 or more squares with at least 5 retail.
  • No pollution.
  • 1 or more airport runways.
  • 5 or more leisure.
  • 5 or more education.
  • Healthcare.
  • Banking


  • Leisure, Education, Healthcare, and Banking are part of the process to reach office-commercial.
  • Adding parks builds green rooftops on commercial/ residential buildings.


Below is a quick step-by-step guide on my process to get commercial-offices:

  • Create a grid of square lots — total size is 25×25 with 7×7 square sections.
  • Add Education buildings.
  • Add Healthcare (Tip: Place clinics on corners of grid).
  • Build supermarkets or markets.
  • Build banks (place them close or beside a supermarket for aesthetics).
  • Build a subway hub and stations on every other street!
  • Add leisure (Museum, libraries, night life).
  • Build an Airport with one or more runways.

Warning! Be sure to space out all of the required buildings above in accordance to a building’s radius.


If the step-by-step guide is confusing, my apologies. Im a visualizer like many so I posted a video on what I did to create the grid formation to get office-commercial structures.

Skip to 1:09 to watch the timelapse.

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