Urbek City Builder – Iron Deposit Guide

Iron Deposit Tips

A work around for iron shortage is this: You can build up to 3 iron mines as far as I can tell around any given iron deposit. Just have them overlap the iron in range, but not be within the number of squares that causes a problem. That should help you a bit.

  • The iron mine needs 6 warehouse to upgrae to a big one.
  • When you click on the iron mine you see a yellowish area highlighted.
  • When you place houses in that area(they become miner houses) you generate more iron.
  • +1 Iron per houseing build.
  • You can upgrade these miner houses so they give you +3 when they have a food source close by.

Additional Info

  • Steelworks need 8 warehouses so you can build them.
  • Upgraded steelworks need 12 warehouses in total to be upgraded to heavy steelworks.

Yeah, it’s all about miner’s residences to boost your iron (and coal) production. Keep in mind that miner houses will form within a range of 5 tiles from the mine, but need to be right next to a road, so you’ll need to play around with some snakey streets to maximize the housing. Once you hit 9k population, you can make the houses denser (which produces more a bit more iron or coal) by adding a food service. Since miner houses aren’t affected by pollution, you can take advantage of them to man the polluting buildings that require nearby residences, like steel mills and goods factories.


    • Good luck trying to exhaust a single tile of the iron deposit…
      1000 years and it still keeps giving.

      I’ve no idea what this “guide” is about – it doesn’t serve any purpose.
      The more difficult part is how to arrange the warehouses, factories, coal plants and other industry so as to make the most of the space around a mine’s barracks.

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