Valkyria Chronicles – Team Building Tips

Tips on Team Building

Your squad has room for more units than any mission will let you deploy, so there’s no need to think much about it. A simple setup would be 5 Scouts, 5 Shocktroopers, 5 Lancers, 3 Snipers, 2 Engineers.

Synergise Tips

Synergies are relevant just to make team up attacks more effective (doesn’t matter for Lancers and Snipers) and for certain personal potentials.

Just try to avoid characters with awful potentials that can trigger easily, e.g. Edy has Panicky (chance of Attack being lowered when taking interception fire) which is certainly bad for a Shocktrooper; and look for Potentials that will help you out, especially if they’re more likely to activate.

Training and R&D Tips

First make sure you get every class up to level 11, so they reach Elite rank. That’s not only important for the stat increase but also because it unlocks a new kind of weapon for Shocktroopers, Scouts, and Lancers.

After that, I’d recommend getting Lancers to level 20, ideally before chapter 16 (which has a Tank boss). Reason is Lancers unlock their final potential at this level, which for three units: Jann, Elysse, and Audrey is Ultimate Anti-Armor. This is by far the best Lancer Potential as it guarantees a permanent damage boost for these three Lancers.

Then I’d also recommend levelling Shocktroopers as much as possible, since they’ll get caught in close-quarter combat often they need stats as high as possible. Then go with Scouts since they might also need it.

Snipers, and Engineers should normally try to avoid danger so max levelling them past Elite isn’t so important for the story mode. In my last playthrough they were at level 12 right before the final battle. The most important thing for Snipers is having a good weapon and decent Accuracy.

If you want to know at which level each class unlocks their fourth Potential.

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