Vendir: Plague of Lies – Best Build for Your Team

Best Build Guide

The first thing would be your main character, for whom you chose a specific class. I recommend that you specialize that character in plague and resurrection/healing (he will be in charge of reviving your allies when they die). If you chose plague and resurrection/healing for your main character, it is best to specialize Volwin in pyromancy.

As for the other 2 characters that remain, you must specialize them in melee attacks. Firstly there would be Mellia who should specialize in the tank branch, since Ekwan will come equipped with a hammer and the hammer is more effective with other branches. Mellia, specializing in tank, will be the one who will receive all the hits, thus protecting your magicians, and will be, along with Volwin, the one who will attack the enemy. Ekwan must specialize in the hammer branches, and in battle he will be responsible for weakening the enemy by reducing both physical and magical resistance and if Ekwan has low health or is the last of the team, he will use a legendary ability that does 500% damage in exchange for losing his weapon (you can also use the Smash skill in case you don’t want to lose the weapon).

It is also worth mentioning that only Mellia will have a shield, for the rest of the characters the shield will be unnecessary.

Here are images of the essential skills according to my build for each character (with the character’s name written at the top). I also tell you that skills that do not belong to any branch are important for all characters.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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