Vendir: Plague of Lies – Best Spot to Farm XP / Gold

Super XP / Gold Farm Guide

  • Green is spawns you want to target, stay closer to coast than the road.
  • Red is the coast range you want to stay walking in, too far North and you start getting lower level groups.
  • Purple dot is a crafting table, avoid going too far South as it resets encounters

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Proof is in the pudding. I recommend high luck in combination with taking these is a must:

Also increase encounter potion and luck potion. in total 5 drinks active at once. The 1st three allow you to kill faster because you will have a surplus of Focus Points per turn so faster skill using. Increase Encounter is self explained.

There is a bug where too high of Luck actually decreases drop rate, so drinking a Luck Potion resets Luck to actually correct rates you have, this increases total loot and gold rates.

Lightning Faceless, Fish Monster, Two Plague Doctors yields highest XP and gold per battle, flee all the rest of battles as they waste your potion effect time, just farm the two peasants and fish monster – or – lightning faceless, fish monster, 2 plague doctors.

This is my current farm stats over 150 battle:

  • 3250-4000 Gold per Battle
  • 1200-2000 XP per Battle
  • Average battle per 15 minutes (the duration time of potions) 5.75 battle per potion cycle.
  • Heals per encounter 2-4 bread.
  • Potions per 15 minute farm cycle 7. 2 Sweet Delight, 2 Focus Regen Potion, 1 Orange Wine, 1 Increase Encounter, 1 Increase Luck.
  • Average Loot Drops per battle 2.65

Here’s my current lvl and Gold so you can see results:

I hope you found this helpful!

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