Vernal Edge – Foggy Ruins First Bell Puzzle

The Solution

You have two sets of bells for each “bell” puzzle. The centralized set of bells that make pleasant ringing sounds and the dispersed set of bells that have dampened sound. Notice the shape and size of each bell. Each centralized bell has a counterpart matching dispersed bell. You need to hit the centralized bells in a specific sequence to solve the puzzle.

The order of which centralized bells to hit come from the dispersed bells. When you hit one of the dispersed bells there will be golden rings near by that visually emanate sound bubbles. The number of this golden rings that you see producing these sound bubble near the dispersed bell you just hit tell you what order of the that counterpart matching centralized bell in the sequence.

So, for the first puzzle, find the purple dispersed bells, note their shape, size and how many rings that have around them. Once you have noted all four, go back to the centralized purple set and hit those bells in the ring sequence you discovered. (This sequences is randomized for each playthrough).

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