Limbus Company – Rabbit Sweep: A Guide to Min-Maxing Rabbit Heathcliff

A.K.A: How to optimally give Heathcliff his Rabbit Family with a shoddily-made guide.

R. Corp Heathcliff: A Gift of the Gods

I love R. Corp Heathcliff. I want a Fumo of R. Corp Heathcliff. I want a Bodypillow of R. Corp Heathcliff. I want R. Corp Heathcliff to slam his Bodysack on my enemies and see him blow his Stack Buff Load into me my enemies with his Quick Suppression. Nobody loves R. Corp Heathcliff more than I do, and it is not scientifically possible to dispute this objective fact.

He is exceedingly powerful and sweeps through pretty much any and all content in Limbus Company currently available, and more than likely will continue to sweep through the upcoming content for the future to come. Rabbit Heathcliff is highly respected by many managers for his PhD in Grass Grazing, sweeping through anything with his sheer power. However, while it is common for managers to throw a Rabbit into a team to Graze some Grass, I believe this act towards R. Corp Heathcliff to be a disservice to the gigachad; Why throw a Rabbit in a group of strangers to graze grass with, when you can make that Rabbit a family to do the activity with? After all, the Rabbits who Graze together, Stays together.

Picture it: R. Corp Heathcliff with his wife and kids, waking up in the morning to his favorite cup of Joe, reading the Morning Newspapers on the latest horrors news ongoing in The City. He waves goodbye to his children running to the bus, then talks to his fellow brothers & sister he lives next to. An hour passes, he kisses his wife goodbye before going to his 9 – 5 work. He comes home, and sees his wife & kids lovingly prepare him the blood & flesh of their enemies a wonderfully-prepared field of Grass to Graze together, and begins to graze before going to bed to repeat this cycle all over again for years to come.

A wonderful life, is it not? Why should we go against the dream of a Rabbit who wishes to Graze Grass with a Loving Family? Exactly, we don’t. Therefore, it is the responsibility of all Rabbit-Lovers who cares for their R. Corp Heathcliff to give him the loving family he deserves, and this guide will help you accomplish that dream in the most efficient way possible.

Heathcliff: The Hard-at-Work Father

Obviously we can’t give a Rabbit a family if we don’t have a Rabbit to give the family to. So lets start with discussing the kit of the first Member of our Rabbit Family: Heathcliff the Father.

Low Health, High Damage, perfect statlines for a gigachad; the ideal father figure. While we don’t care about the Gluttony, The R. Corp Rabbit Team Identity goes hard on Wrath with a splash of Envy, which is near-perfect for what we want to build his family for.

This passive definitely goes harder than some might think, +1 Attack Power increases the final coin value by 1, regardless of the coin flip results, while Haste is a significant part of what makes Heathcliff sweep so hard. Many might dismiss this effect since it requires a Wrath Absolute Resonance & 5+ Charge to enable. However, this effect is deceptively easy to obtain by Turn 2 from simply having his Skill 1 hit on its 3rd coin, and using 2 other Wrath Skills for his other Family Members. The Skill 1 gives 3 charge, while the passive also gives 3 by default. 3 + 3 = 6. Charge is reduced by 1 per turn, making it 5 for next turn. This gives Rabbit Heathcliff the buff immediately upon the next turn and lets him throw hands harder and break necks at break-neck speed by the 2nd turn of the game.

Speaking of Skill 1, his is phenomenally good in comparison to others. While the Min-Max Values are 4 to 10, it can be increased to 5 to 11 with the passive online, which is pretty decent already. What makes this a strong Skill 1 is that it comes with 3 Coins; a quantity nearly unheard of for a Skill 1. This makes clashes with the Skill significantly more likely to succeed in clashes, as you have 3 chances to win the clash battle with the most basic skill. Even if the 1st 2 fail, the final hit is what we really care about for the charge count anyway. Absolute Chad.

Arguably his least best skill, as it’s Gluttony and it requires 3 of his precious ammo. It does great in clashes with its 4 coin count and deals high damage w/ the Bleed procs, however it does not synergize greatly with what we really want to use. This is a great skill to burn off with a Defense/E.G.O. Action if you need to save on ammo or lack the speed to boost its damage. Luckily theres only 2 in a Skill Slot to worry about, so it’ll only brick up for one turn.

That’s not to say the skill is bad however; it still steamrolls. The problem is that 3 Ammo is a tad too expensive for what the skill offers early in the fight. Once you have E.G.O. Stacks or the Passive online, it becomes much more worthwhile; Until then, burn it out however you can.

Oh yeah. Oh mama. Oh baby yes. The Big One. The Godly Quick Suppression in its full glory. Legends speak of its power only mere mortals can dream of having; the 5-coin quantity, the Coin-Power, the Fragility, the Rupture. It’s all…magnificent.

Quick Suppression: Why It’s So Godly (& Why His E.G.O.s Go So Hard)

Quick Suppression is such a unique and busted skill that I believe it deserves its own section detailing why this Skill is such a powerhouse with some presentation, as a brief description of this monster does not do it justice.

Let’s start with Coin Quantity: 5 is a lot. Even without buffs, this skill is extremely good at consistently winning most clashes versus non-boss abnormality units. With buffs, there is almost nothing that this skill can’t consistently beat; with 5 chances at a clash, it is more statistically improbable to lose clashes than win.

Next is the Status Effects: The Fragile debuff is SCARY strong, as the status effects of this skill take effect immediately the turn they are applied. if all hits go through, Heathcliff is going to deal +20% damage on the second coin, and +40% for the 3rd, 4th, & 5th. Rupture, while weaker in comparison, still guarantees a fixed amount of damage goes through to the enemies for the 4th & 5th coins, effectively treating it as a sort of “True Damage” Source.

Lastly, the Damage. Oh god the damage. Because of how Fragile & Rupture takes effect immediately they’re applied from Quick Suppression, the Damage Numbers can get very high, even if the Coin Power seems lacking.

Wait, hold on. What’s that I see?





Let’s break down what Daddy Heathcliff just served one picture at a time. Some heads up with these pictures is that the Ebony Queen’s Apple Image further down & Mariachi Lady Stages are Mirror Dungeons, but I specifically took no E.G.O. Gifts that supported Damage, Clashes, Statuses, or Affinities for Quick Suppression in any way. Also don’t mind the inconsistencies in the scenes of the pictures, I’m just super lazy with getting picture examples, they’re truthful & consistent with what I tell, don’t worry. Beat me with Heathcliff’s Bodysack if you don’t believe me.

Coin Power +2 at 6+ Speed is vital in making this skill destroy; If you don’t have +6 speed on Heathcliff, you’re using this skill wrong, and you are disappointing Heathcliff’s Rabbit Family. In the 2nd picture, you can see that by Turn One, Quick Suppression has a Coin Value of 6 to 26 purely by having a Natural Speed Roll of 6+. Eat your ♥ heart out W Corp Don, you wish you had a Skill 3 that gets online as fast as this.

Since his Natural Speed is 3 ~ 7, there is effectively a 40% chance of naturally hitting the 6+ Speed Buff by default. This makes Haste Buff Stacks immensely important for Rabbit Heathcliff, as every Haste Buff increases his odds of hitting the threshold by 20%.

The 3rd picture demonstrates the Clashing Prowess of the skill. Several use-cases that come to mind is Headless Ichtys’ Blood Cannon, the Crayola-Colored Machine’s “PUNISHMENT”, & 2nd Phase Kromer Chapter 3 Dungeon Boss High-Coin Value Attacks. These attacks are balanced around the idea of clashing with E.G.O. Attacks, and 6+ Speed Quick Suppression can stand up to them no problem; hell, it can deliver arguably even higher damage than what an E.G.O. Attack can offer, as the 3rd picture beautifully demonstrates.

“Yeah, but Heathcliff only has 13 Shots to his name! He’ll be shooting Blanks by turn 5 at the latest!” – Virgin Non-Rabbit Heathcliff Beta-User

My Brother in Christ, with Damage Numbers like these, is it even going to matter? Mofos are going to be red paste by Turn 2; Turn 3 if you’re unlucky. If you’re somehow low or out of ammo before the fight is over, that’s what E.G.O. is for as well, not to mention Quick Suppression’s Melee Coins still does decent damage even without the Fragile Stacks the Ammo Coins would normally give.

“Oh, but it doesn’t work on every enemy! Pierce Resistant enemies exist so you can’t unga-bunga through them with raw damage alone!” – Virgin Non-Rabbit Heathcliff Beta-User

Well then let’s look at Ebony Queen Apple’s Roots real quick. Her Root’s Pierce Resistance is Ineffective (x0.5), her Envy Resistance is Endured (X0.75), currently has 150 HP, and its Stagger Threshold is ~75 (Gotta eyeball it cus no Stagger Values are ever explicitly shown. Project_Moon plz add). Let’s see how it holds up to a Bodysack-Boosted, 6+ Speed Rabbit Heathcliff’s Quick Suppression, as it’s a Pierce-Based, Envy-Affinity Skill versus a Pierce-Resistant, Envy-Resistant Entity:

Yeah, no, this is what makes this skill so broken. At it’s peak, it absolutely gives no ♥ about Resistances of any value, letting you lay down the smackdown on any enemy in the game no matter who they are. Guido who? Kromer what? All I see are bodies being added to Heathcliff’s Bodysack.

And speaking of Bodysack…

…as if Quick Suppression couldn’t get more roided, Bodysack gives Rabbit Heathcliff everything he needs to tenderize his food. +3 Haste Stacks guarantees Quick Suppression popping off its +2 Coin Power; the +2 Attack Level increase is just a nice bonus. The Bodysack Passive really just adds to the overkill Heathcliff has at this point, cus if something dies/already-is-dead to trigger this passive, you basically won the round already.

“Yeah well, R. Corp Heathcliff has no Charge Payoff, so it makes it pointless outside using his passive!” – Virgin Non-Rabbit Heathcliff Beta-User

About that…

…you were saying?

An AoE, Hard-Hitting, Well-Affinity-Balanced E.G.O.

To break this E.G.O down, the most important thing to discuss is that it makes Heathcliff an Alpha Wolf. This signifies that Heathcliff truly is the Alpha Male Father Gigachad, and it is a scientific fact that cannot be disputed.

The 2nd most important thing is that it gives Rabbit Heathcliff an outlet for his Charge Buildup, as you will sometimes be getting a lot more than you need. The Corrosion Variant especially is noteworthy, as +10 power in exchange for all of his charge is monumental. With E.G.O. Overclock, this is one of the few Corrosion Attacks actually worth the extra cost.

Speaking of Costs, the Sin Affinities are perfectly slotted for what we want to make the entire Rabbit Family out of; Wrath, Envy, and Lust. This is the baseline for what Sinners we are selecting to be the Spouce, Kin, and Siblings of the Alpha Male Gigachad Father that is R. Corp Rabbit Team Heathcliff.

Ishmael: The Loving Mother

Our Rabbit Dad works a 9 – 5 Shift on Sundays through Thursdays to pay the bills. That means he needs to have a Strong, Independent-yet-loving Mother to watch over the loving children of the Rabbit Family on her own most of the time. This makes Shi Section 5 Ishmael the indisputably perfect OTP for Rabbit Heathcliff.

Surprisingly Tanky Stats, though from the children these 2 breeded, the tolerance build-up has to be high with this mom. While the Single Wrath will make Wrath Resonances tricky with Rabbit Heathcliff, the x3 Envy is an affinity count no Rabbit Husband would ever turn down. Lust is super important for the E.G.O.s we plan on having the couple use, as well as getting them to breed more children. No Lust means no Children, and no Children means no Family to Graze Grass with.

As the Loving Mother, she is also the Other Irreplaceable Member of this Rabbit Family, and should never be left at the house while the rest of the family Grazes the Grass. Her Affinities & E.G.O. are far too vital to the ritual, and must never be taken out of this sacred familial act.

I won’t go too hard into details about the Rabbit Mother of the family, as a Ishmael Enjoyer has already made an in-depth guide on her use-cases and beauty that this guide would not be able to do justice, and in turn the Eldest Daughter (spoilers, it’s another Shi Section 5 Identity), however I do want to point out a unique synergy that will be relevant for both the Mother & Eldest Daughter of the family due to their Identities pairing with Rabbit Heathcliff.

Shi Section 5 Specializes in gaining benefits as fights prolong and as they are more hurt, while R. Corp Rabbit Heathcliff excels at dealing death faster than the Obituaries can name, before major harm comes to him & his family. While on paper this sounds like a bad match for a date, sometimes in relationships, opposites attract. While uncommon, if there is something the Father cannot overcome with his sheer power at the start of the Grass Grazing Rituals, the Mother & Eldest Daughter is there to support him all the way using their empowered buffs from their prolonged wounds, never giving up on their family. Since we are going hard on Envy, Ishmael’s passive will be relatively easy to pull off, if it’s effect is ever needed.

Skill 2 from the Rabbit Mother gets a special mention, as Flashing Strike at >50% HP turns into Cloudcutter’s Mommy. Kurokumo Hong Lu is a Top-Tier Identity purely due to how Cloudcutter is so strong, and Rabbit Mommy has the ability to get the same skill that not only matches it in damage, but exceeds it in Clashes, as the extra coin-gain is also given in Clashes unlike Cloudcutter. Poise Stacks this skill gets can sometimes help in potentially boosting damage even further past Cloudcutter as well. Coin Power for Flashing Strikes will result in a change to 5 ~ 21 at >50% HP; This can easily replace Quick Suppression the Rabbit Father has as a damage option if fights goes on longer than the Father can handle.

To be a Loving Mother, one must give many embraces. This E.G.O. gives a warm one.

If the Rabbit Father has the AoE E.G.O. with the might of Thor, then the Rabbit Mommy has the Single-Target E.G.O. with the warmth of a sun. Same Affinity-Color Requirements as Telepole, and hits about as hard as the star it’s advertising to be. This is the other E.G.O. we want to be building up to use alongside Telepole once Damage Options for Heathcliff start running out, and is what makes the family extremely tight-knit and necessary for the Grass Grazing Ritual to be successful.

As mentioned before, what would a loving family be without Children? Let’s introduce the 2 daughters of the family.

Don Quixote: The Eldest Daughter

This Rabbit constantly had problems growing up as a kid in school, as many picked on her for her size, and therefore created a sort of complexion out of it. Father Heathcliff always joked and said to “add them to the Grass Grazing Ritual”, while Mother Ishmael continued to give emotional support to her Don, and while she grew to be a fine & respectable college student, she still sometimes has emotional thoughts about her experiences. Nevertheless, she still gives it her all in the continued support of the Rabbit Family & the Grass Grazing Ritual.

Average Stat-line; Considering how Don & her younger sister are the offspring of Heathcliff & Ishmael, it’s no surprise that they would meet in the middle. Don inhereted Father’s Wrath the most though, making her the favored child of Heathcliff for getting his passive online, while still supplying decent Envy, cutesy of her mother. E.G.O is rarely going to be used with Don, if at all, as none of her E.G.O.s really support a Wrath/Envy/Lust-based Teambuild at this time.

Father Heathcliff greatly enjoys having Don around with Grazing Grass almost as much as his wife, due to being a great contributor for his Wrath-Based Passive. This makes Don an Irreplaceable Family Member for the Grass Grazing Rituals in his eyes.

Like Daughter like Father, Don’s Passive also triggers with a Wrath Absolute Resonance, giving to Don what Heathcliff always strove for: Haste. this makes for a mutual relationship between the two, and is another reason why the Father favors the Eldest Daughter the most.

Once again, much like her father, Don also has her own High-Coin-Powered Skill 3 that ranges from 4 ~ 25. While Overbreathe does not require Speed set-up unlike Quick Suppression to reach its numbers, it only has 1 Coin, making it a huge gamble in clashes. Despite how much Haste Buffs Don has access to, Overbreathe Speed Requirement of 10+ is far too high to reasonably obtain as well, making most of Don’s kit not reliable outside of Poise potentially giving it funny damage numbers. While Funny damage numbers are indeed funny, it is not practical to rely on Poise boosting Skill 3. While Don lacks in damage, she makes up for it by contributing to the family in a huge way simply by having the preferred affinities the parents like.

Faust: The Younger Daughter

A High Schooler who once thought to have aspirations for W Corp, now broken, depressed, and dejected from the world after losing her eye from learning the truth about W Corp she cannot share. Father Heathcliff, an avid supporter of W Corp, constantly argues with Faust about turning down the job offer to Graze Grass for them, not knowing their dark secret, and even says she’s worthless at one point. Mother Ishmael & Don knows that he’s being too hard on Faust, and comforts her as best they can, but with schooling (both studies & bullying), puberty, and a dejected outlook on reality hitting all at once, it will take quite some time before this Rabbit can confidently put their paws forward on the Grass.

As with Don, Faust has averaged stats between the Father & Mother. Fuast is the greatest supplier of Lust, representing her ambition, yet is plagued by Gloom that can seldom be put to use outside Mother Ishmael’s Snagharpoon. A Splash of Envy, as no Rabbit can ever have too much of it. Besides the occassional Hex Nail however, E.G.O will be seldom used for Faust, much like Don.

Unlike the Parents & Eldest Daughter, Faust is not as enthusiastic about Grazing the Grass like the rest of her family is, as she has too much pent-up emotions bottled up that she always hides well. Therefore, she sometimes skips/is left out of the Grass Grazing Ritual in favor of being left alone in her room.

Opportunistic Slash gets a special mention as it is what I would consider to be Faust’s equivalent to a Consistent Overbreathe. 4 ~ 26 Coin Power if it’s Coin Power is online, 2 Coins, and super high damage. Her father would be proud to have a daughter with a Skill 3 like this, if tension between him & Faust wen’t so high.

The Relatives: Heathcliff’s Siblings (5th Member, Team Comps, and Farewells)

These are the other Recommended Rabbit Family Members to have as part of the Ritual. Sorry for ending this abruptly, but I have spent 14+ hours already making this guide, and sleep-depraved for the last 6, and must conclude this here for now. I will get around to updating this in the near future with more Rabbit Family Lore after the 3/23/23 update drops, but for now I will leave you all with my personal 5th picks, and my preferred Family pairings in a super-lazily put-together list.

Hong Lu: The Carefree Uncle

Rodian: The Strict Aunt

Yi Sang: The Distant Twin

Team Comps to Graze Grass With

Team 1 (Personal Pick):

  • Rabbit Heathcliff
  • Shi Section Ishmael
  • Shi Section Don
  • Lob. Corp. Faust
  • Blade Lineage Yi Sang

(For Extra Wrath: specifically for R. Corp Heathcliff’s Passive)

Team 2:

  • Rabbit Heathcliff
  • Shi Section Ishmael
  • Shi Section Don
  • Lob. Corp. Faust
  • Tingtang Hong Lu

(For Extra Envy/Lust. Lacks consistent Wrath Resonance)

Team 3:

  • Rabbit Heathcliff
  • Shi Section Ishmael
  • Shi Section Don
  • Kurokumo Rodian
  • Tingtang Hong Lu

(For the Clash Power/Damage. Lacks Consistent Wrath Resonance; Use W Corp Faust as Support as she is not in this main team)

Team 4:

  • Rabbit Heathcliff
  • Shi Section Ishmael
  • Shi Section Don
  • Kurokumo Rodian
  • Blade Linage Yi Sang

(For the Clash Power & if you don’t have Tingtang. Lust-Deficient, but gives access to Gloom-Based E.G.O’s for Don.)

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  1. How easy is that EGO to get, though? It isn’t in the free player’s season pass, and the odds of pulling an EGO is quite low, and that’s ignoring that this is a triple 0 identity that takes its own major investment to get.

    • This guide was made with the idea in mind of players either already owning R. Corp Heathcliff and are wanting to maximize the power he can provide, or as a way to convince people who might have him but don’t bother using him much for various reasons.

  2. Is there a possible argument to be made for allowing L. Corp Faust to be optionally swapped with TOWG Faust? You lose one Lust and two Gloom in exchange for one Pride, two Envy, and the on-kill passive of Execution (more pierce damage, yay) and the ability to apply Gaze (even more pierce damage, double yay). Granted, her passive isn’t phenomenal in a team like this but ehhhh.

    • I can’t speak for Faust’s N Corp Identity since it’s one of the few ID’s I do not own, however judging from her Affinities she can slot in as a replacement of Tingtang Hong Lu since they have the same Affinities the Family cares about (x3 Envy & x2 Lust). Her Gaze Debuff can be a decent way to boost Quick Suppression Damage, as well as having strong clash power & damage, though probably not to the level of Tingtang Hong Lu, so I don’t see why not. Since N Corp Faust is being used over L Corp, you’re required to bring a unit that can supply the same amount of Gloom or higher to give Ishmael & Don access to their E.G.O.s, meaning you’re more than likely going to be stuck using Kurokumo Rodian as the 5th Member.

      TL;DR, use Team 3 Layout & swap out Tingtang Hong Lu for N Corp Faust.

  3. This was way too fun to read. First Kromussy of course, but Papa-Rabbit go right after her 4chan’s ass, i think.
    But i have one question. How E.G.O Passives works? When they activates? Always on condition met as ID Passives? Or only on turn when EGO was used?

  4. Just the sheer pashion thats put into this guide is making me want to upgrade and main him to. also good job in making it so detailed. this helps me understand some mechanics a lot better.

  5. R. Corp HC was my first Tier 3 pack (ignoring the gifted Yi Sang) so it’s nice seeing more appreciation for that godly 3rd skill lol

    Looking forward to the April 6th update when Overclock releases, it’s hard to hit corrosion without wiping my own team (especially when all clashes are just busted by QS and other skills I run), going to make that Telepole a lot better

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