Victoria 3 – How to Start with Ottoman

Guide to Start with Ottoman

What you need for a good start to the game

Hi everyone. I hope to help you for a good start in with the Ottoman. Your game starts with europe’s sick man event.

You have 20 years to complete 4 of:

  • Reclaim Syria. (Egypt have a lot stronger military than you so do not go war unless strengthening the army then we can achieve +).
  • Urbanization (You have to build many many so hard to achieve -).
  • Army Modernization (Need 250 Batallions start with 145 and we can achieve +).
  • Bureaucratic Reform (need to enact some laws, we can achieve +).
  • Education Reform (Hım this one is difficult because of starting laws and economic situation -).
  • Suppress separatism (at the beginning of the game you can force the landlords to revolution then stabilized for 15 years peace so you can do it +).

If you complete you can continue among the superpowers of the world. If you can’t complete it, you will become a powerful state that could not be developed like China but still cannot be underestimated.

  1. Our First Move: Turning Iran into our puppet state. There are so many powerful states around us and our best option is Iran. 1 year after the game started, Russia invades Kazakhstan. In the meantime, we will attack Iran. We will definitely wait for this move of the Russians. Otherwise, Russia will be against us in war with Iran. In this way, we will earn a substantial income. We will also gain an ally in our other wars.
  2. Our Second Move: You will pass a law that will provoke the Landlowers and force them to rebel. Like the ban on slavery. In this way, a civil war will break out and you will win the civil war together with Iran, and then you will eliminate most of the opposition in the country.
  3. Our Third Move: We will strengthen our army. We will improve our military technology and attack Egypt until we have a level infantry and artillery unit. We can take our lands in the Arabian peninsula in a single move.

Apart from these moves, you need to manage your economic development and market very well. When you start the game, develop your construction company to get the best efficiency and raise it to at least level 5 and increase your iron production as you develop the company. Then do at least 2 levels of university. Then need to improve of the local government building, paper production plant and weapons factories. While making these moves, you also need to make political moves (law changes) to improve the welfare of your country.

If you can make these moves, you can become the 4th or 5th power worldwide. You can cure the sick man of Europe. I wish everyone good games.

Diplomacy at the beginning of the game

It’s important to have a good ally in the game. It would be nice if you could make a defensive pact with England or France when you are not strong enough for that. Start strengthening your diplomacy with England France and Sardinia Piedmont at the start of the game. In some game starts, you can make an alliance agreement with Sardinia piedmont after about 3 years, which can give you a significant advantage.

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