Virtual Hunter – Basic Guide

Basic guide and tips on how to get started.

How to Play Virtual Hunter

Getting Started

Hi all this is a very basic guide to getting you in and hunting without too much detail.

First thing is to start the game and you will see the menu wiith a few options.

If this isn’t your first vr game then I would recommend doing the settings before jumping in

Either way I would recommend completing the tutorial as it covers most of this guide.

If your ready to begin choose Play and then start a new save.

Shown the option to go to the lodge select that before hunting otherwise you wont have a rifle.

Getting the Lee and Going Out

Step 1 is to enter the lodge.

You will see a map on the wall when you enter on the right side of the first room.

This allows you to travel to the reserrve or place where the animals are.

Explore the lodge and you will find the store on the right hand side of the lodge .

You can take the brown rifle. The left most scope and the .303 box of bullets for free.

Connecting the scope on the top rail will attach it.

Shooting Range and How to Shoot

As you exit the lodge and follow the path that leads left you will find a shooting range.

This will let you load and fire your gun without using any bullets.

It has 2 target modes and will show the x-ray view of deer target to help with vital shots.

To load the rifle rotate the bolt on the rear up and pull back all the way.

On the right hand side (right handers) you will see the ammo. Pick this up with triger and place in the space that the bolt has come from.

Then close the bolt forward and all the way back down.

Trigger to fire while gripping the rifle.

Ideally you want to aim for the lungs of a deer as this will down it very quickly compared to hitting it several times (2+ ) in other spots.

Headshot and heart are also 1 Hit KO but are difficult to hit and often lead to a flesh wound.

Out on a Hunt

To get out hunting go back to the lodge and to the first room on the right hand side is a map.

Put your hand on the little house and then again when it says travel will load you into the reserve.

Once here you can hunt and buy items from the store inside.

Walk around looking for something to shoot. Preferably deer as the rifle you have is rated for that.

You can track animals by activating the tablet/ phone on your arm. It will provide basic knowledge.

Once you find an animal go for the vitals and pull the trigger.

Track the animal with the tablet till you find the body (some animals might be still alive but downed, finish them off).

Claim the animal and you can see where you hit it and other details such as trophy score and money earned.

Congratulations you are now a Virtual Hunter. thats it for now this should get you up and running if the tutorial broke like mine. buy better stuff. read the books in the lodge to find more out.


  • You can sprint by pressing the left tumb stick in. this is lounder but most animals dont seem to notice till your well inside shooting range.
  • Dear are often in packs. go for the male first as the pack can run pretty far and you might only get a few before they can escape.
  • the .303 ammo is free up to 10 or 20 rounds(every time you use all of it) so dont feel like you need to save it.
  • Try not to shoot birds/ rabbits/ fox with the .303 its unethical 🙁
  • The map is around a 30 minute power march across so its pretty big if your wandering/ chasing game.
  • The first location of blood will show the area you hit the animal. if its a flesh shot or not high blood rate dont expect to kill the animal. they need a few flesh shots to go down (deer)

Hope you liked this guide.

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