Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children – Ultimate Puzzles Guide

A quick (and hopefully comprehensive) guide to the puzzles in VV2: Lost Children.

Definitive Guide to Puzzles

Puzzle 1: Fire

Have one of your villagers gather the dry wood near the damaged hut in the bottom left. They’ll take it to the fire pit by themselves. After that you’ll need to collect dry grass from the bush directly behind and to the left of the coconut trees. Then drag a villager to the fire pit and you’ll have fire!

Note: The fire will go out after 19* hours (real time, not in game), and you’ll have to relight it or your villagers are likely to get sick, but simply adding more dry wood will bring your time back up to 19* hours. Be careful and keep an eye on your remaining time!

*This number is based on playing at normal speed. Length of time will differ depending on the speed you choose time to pass in the options menu.

Puzzle 2: The Dam

  • Required: Lv. 2 Engineering

Simply drag a villager (preferably one who has some building experience) to the cluster of small rocks just before the river widens back out into the shallow pool. It’ll take a while though…

Puzzle 3: The Scarecrow

  • Required: Adept Farmer, The Dam

After finishing the dam, birds will start eating the crops on the subsequential farm! Oh no!!! The only way to get rid of them and get a steady food source is to build a bird’s nemesis: The Scarecrow!

Drag an adept farmer or higher over to the twisted vines just right of the giant stone face and left of the graveyard. You’ll have to do it twice for it to be completed!!

Puzzle 4: The Cutting Tool

  • Required: Master Scientist, Lv. 2 Exploration

Drag a master scientist to the rock pile between the stone face and graveyard, specifically just to the right of it. You’ll know you have the correct spot if the action bar says the scientist sees something. They’ll take some rock back to the science hut. After that, grab the same scientist and drag them over to the twisted vines. They’ll take these back as well and tada! Cutting tool!!

Puzzle 5: Herb Mastery

There are several “Strange Plants” scattered around the island. Having a villager examine all of them will earn you this puzzle. We’ll start with the blue rose just to the right of the giant stone face at 12 o’clock. Clockwise, there’s:

  • The blue rose between the stone face and the pile of rocks.
  • A pale blue-ish purple flower at the top of the graveyard area (it’s really faint, so look close!).
  • A line of dark blue flowers next to the top of the waterfall in the same area.
  • A pink flower at the base of the vines near the shallow pool.
  • An orange flower almost at 6 o’clock.
  • A sort of green stump next to the “dry grass bush”.

Puzzle 6: The Elder Totem

  • Requirements: A Wise Elder

This is relatively easy to achieve. A “Wise Elder” is a villager that has mastered at least 3 different skills. This puzzle will be achieved by acquiring a Wise Elder. You get a movable totem for achieving this puzzle.

Puzzle 7: Sustainable Fishing

  • Requirements: Lv.3 Farming, Master Farmer, Master Scientist

At some point in the game your villagers will end up over fishing and the ocean will become covered in algae. Your villagers won’t fish in algae covered water!

To fix the algae problem take both a master farmer and a master scientist, plop ’em both in the pond. They’ll grab a fish and take it to the ocean. The fish will eat the algae and infinite fishing is yours! Mwahahaha!

Puzzle 8: The Vine Wall

  • Requires: Lv.3 Culture, The Cutting Tool

Simply dragging a villager to the vines will cause them to start clearing the area. Again, this will take a while…

Puzzle 9: The Stew

  • Required: Lv.2 Exploration, Herb Mastery, Fire, 10+ Food

After unlocking level 2 exploration something black appears atop the pile of dry wood in the lower left corner. Setting a villager to pick it up reveals that it’s a cauldron! Your villager will take it to the fire pit, but you’ll have to drag a villager over to it a few times to actually make stew. (Once to put it in the actual fire, another to put food in it, and lastly to add water.)

After that, you’ll need herbs. As in all those pretty flowers we went to look at back in the 5th puzzle. Grab a villager and have them collect three herbs for the pot! Different combos make different stews, and you can use 3 of the same herb too.

Some stews are harmful, but others give you buffs or even heal your villagers! Have fun experimenting!!!

Note: You’ll have to repeat these steps from start to finish every time you want to make a stew.

Puzzle 10: The Ancient Mosaic

  • Requirements: Lv.3 Engineering, Lv.3 Culture, The Dam

Drag one or more villagers over to where the shallow pool used to be in the lower right. They’ll start uncovering the mosaic, and this puzzle will be complete when they finish.

Why are almost all the puzzles so time consuming….? This will take awhile…

Puzzle 11: The Hospital

  • Requirements: Lv.3 Engineering, Lv.3 Medicine

Unlocking Lv.3 in both engineering and medicine will cause a new building foundation to appearto the south of the fire. Building it up will create the hospital. <3

Puzzle 12: The Sewing Hut

  • Required: Village population of 15+

After your village increases to a population of 15+ two new building areas will pop up. The one nearest the repaired shack on the beach will be the sewing hut.

Puzzle 13: The Sunken Gong Piece

  • Requirements: The Stew Puzzle Completion

To accomplish this one you’ll need to make a very special stew. Make a stew with two of the big red flowers almost directly south of the village and one of the long vine of dark blue flowers just above the waterfall.

After your villager eats the stew they’ll feel no need to breath! Drag the villager to the waterfall pool, and they’ll go diving for the gong piece.

Puzzle 14: The Inlaid Gong Piece

  • Required: The Elder Totem, The Ancient Mosaic

Drag and drop an Elder totem into the center of the Ancient Mosaic. This will give you a piece of the Gong!

Puzzle 15: The Boxed Gong Piece

  • Requirements: 3 Master Builders

The big wooden box sitting on the shoreline is where you’ll find this piece of the gong. Drag three master builders over and they’ll take care of the rest!

Three master builders may seem like a lot, but if you set three people to clearing the vines near the stone face just north of the village you should have the needed builders by the time they’re done!

Puzzle 16: The Overgrown Gong Piece

  • Required: The Cutting Tool

After accomplishing “The Cutting Tool” this task is simple but seriously time consuming. Just drag however many people over to the overgrown thorn bush and let them have at it. I recommend using builders, since this task levels up building mastery and you’ll need quite a few master builders latter on.


This section will talk about those little orange boxes that give you a choice…and how to not ruin your chances of survival!

Black Seeds: Either eat them or plant them

  • Eat them: Your villager mumbles something…
  • Plant them: The plants around the seeds die and you lose coconuts and crops.

The Vial: Either drink or pour it out

  • Fragrant: Lose 50 skill points.
  • Orange: Gain 75 skill points.
  • Thin Fragrant Vial: Lose 25 skill points.
  • Thin Orange Vial: Gain 25 skill points.
  • Viscous Orange Vial: Gain 100 skill points.
  • Viscous Green Vial: Appearance and attributes change.
  • Pour it out: A verbal pat on the back.

The Falling Star: Wish for yourself or for the village

  • For yourself: Villager is in a good mood
  • For the village: Gain food

Bump On The Head

  • Bonk ‘Em Again: Still can’t remember, but gains remarkable clarity in all things.
  • Let Them Rest: Doesn’t remember but starts a new life.

The Crystal Ball: Either keep it or let the kids play with it

  • Keep it: Villager switches bodies with another villager!
  • Give to kids: Ball gets lost.

The Mysterious Sack: Open it or leave it

  • Big Plastic Sack: Gain 1500 Food
  • Large, Somewhat compromised Sack: Gain 1500 Tech Points but villagers get sick.
  • Large Stained Heavy Burlap Sack: A few ants that sting, you lose a villager!
  • Thick Canvas Sack: Mice jump out and make your villagers sick.
  • Small Carefully Sealed Sack: Gain 1000 Tech Points.
  • Small Stained Heavy Burlap Sack: Ants that sting, lose 1/2 health.
  • Small Thick Plastic Sack: Gain 500 Food.
  • Leave it alone: The villager puts it back in the ocean.

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