Viscera Cleanup Detail – How to Unlock Doors in Your Office

I teach you the easiest method to unlock the doors knowing the pattern in which the code is composed, since it is a random number per player.

How to Unlock Doors

To decipher the code of each door we must press the same number until it gives us a small blink, knowing that this blink tells us what number is correct and in what order it goes in the code.

Example: I start to press button 1 (4 times) if the flashing does it the third time it means that the number 1 is part of the code and is located in the 3rd digit (ex. – – 1 -)

I keep pressing button 4 (4 times) and it blinks at location 4, the code would remain = – – 1 4 keep trying until you complete the code.

The best way to do it is to press each number on the keyboard 4 times to decipher it, just note in which location each number goes and the code will be easily armed.

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