Vivid/Stasis – Tips and Solutions for Puzzles

Are you stuck in one of the puzzles with locks and don’t know how to deal with them? And you don’t want to just straight up give the solution to you? This guide is for you! This guide will guide you across the puzzle elements with hints so you can still figure out a part of the solution yourself!

How to Solve Puzzles (with Tips)

Introduction on How This Is Going to Work

For each section i will show the unlock conditions, then the hints, then the solution for each of the puzzles like this.

Chapter 1

At first, the unlock conditions seems pretty cryptic, so i’ll add hints for you to figure out what the conditions are.

Unlock Conditions Hints:

  • Hint 1: You can press up and down to scroll through the difficulties and see what’s changed
  • Hint 2: The center one seems to not lead to anywhere, let’s try looking else where first
  • Hint 3: All of the other show C1 as the beginning, seems like only some songs count towards the unlocks | It means all your clears must be in the Ch1 Folder
  • Hint 4: O,M,and F seems like the start of a word, maybe look at the top of the screen to see if anything matches? | It’s the difficulty you need to play at
  • Hint 5: The x seem to be the times symbol | It’s the number of songs you need to beat
  • Hint 6: The left side seems to cycle between A,AA,S and SS, Is there something in the song wheel that can represent these symbols? | It’s the grade you need to get
  • Hint 7: The right side is just some numbers, What metric other than score/accuracy is used for performance in rhythm games? | It’s the combo you need to get

Unlock Conditions Solutions:

  • Opening: Clear 3 songs in the Ch1 Folder on Opening with A or higher grade and clear 3 songs in the Ch1 Folder on Opening with 200 or more max combo
  • Middle: Clear 4 songs in the Ch1 Folder on Middle with AA or higher grade and clear 4 songs in the Ch1 Folder on Middle with 350 or more max combo
  • Finale: Clear 5 songs in the Ch1 Folder on Finale with S or higher grade and clear 5 songs in the Ch1 Folder on Finale with 500 or more max combo
  • Encore: Clear 5 songs in the Ch1 Folder on Finale with SS or higher grade and clear 5 songs in the Ch1 Folder on Finale with 750 or more max combo

After the conditions are met, the locks should open and you can see what’s inside each of them.

  • Center Hint: It probably means the answer for the 2 arrows are combined into the password
  • Hint 2: If you try to spam on it, you can see it only accepts 10 charaters

Left Side:

  • Hint 1: The shapes aren’t pointing anywhere
  • Hint 2: each letter has a shape and sign, maybe it’s trying to add/subtract the letter
  • Hint 3: How do you add or subtract a letter? You could go from the order of the alphabet
  • Hint 4: it needs an number to do that though, how does a shape correspond to a number? | it’s the number of sides/corners


  • Take each letter and add/subtract the number of the sides of the shape according to alphabetical order (so for the first one is X going back 3 alphabets and becoming U)
  • After that you will get “UNIFORM”.

Right Side:

  • Hint 1: the fraction on the top part forms 11 1 7 6… all of them are <= 12…
  • Hint 2: The letters at the bottom are really early in the alphabet order… all of them are before M, the 12th letter of the alphabet
  • Hint 3: How many numbers does an analog clock have
  • Hint 4: The left clock is to be a cipher of sorts
  • Hint 5: Recall Center hint 2 | Since the other clue takes up 7 characters, this one probably takes up 3 characters


  • For the top, do the fractions and take the numbers as hours and match it to the clock on the left. | you will get ZERO
  • For the bottom, translate the letter into numbers by their position in the alphabet A=1,B=2 and so on and match those with the clock as well. | you will get ELEVEN
  • Combine those two and get ZERO + ELEVEN which is either 011 or 11, you can test both of the cases and you’ll find out it’s 011.

Therefore, the answer to this puzzle is UNIFORM011.

Then you’ll encounter a new screen with a new puzzle.

This is the point where you’ll need both locks to be open to be able to enter the password.

  • Hint 1: Look at the text of the center lock, it’s important now
  • Hint 2: This is a valid website address, have you tried going to it in your real web browser?
  • Hint 3: you now know what [RESULT] is now, let’s just replace that
  • Hint 4: HTML is a file format, so it has to be lowercase (remember to be case sensitive)
  • Hint 5: after going to this page, You’ll see nothing maybe it’s time for an inspect element (right click, then press inspect element) view source also works for this one


  • Using [RESULT] and the bottom text, go to.
  • Inspect Element shows that KEYCODE = TITLE
  • The title of the web page is RECRUDESCENT

Therefore, the answer to this puzzle is RECRUDESCENT.

Prepare for what’s coming next!

Chapter 2

The Chapter 2’s unlock conditions is pretty similar to the Ch1’s unlock condition

In fact it’s the same except for clearing it in the Chapter 2 folder instead

So let’s just jump right into solving

A point of note: i’ll be referring to converting letter to number using their alphabetical position as A1Z26 cipher since that’s shorter

Center Hint: I mean it’s pretty obvious what to do right

It’s just left + right

Hint 2: 11 characters this time by spam checking

Left Side:

  • Hint 1: Huh, these shapes and colors are really familiar, aren’t they?
  • Hint 2: It’s almost as if it’s like it’s the exact same as Ch1’s left side
  • Hint 3: Remember: blue is minus, red is plus, and the number of sides is the number
  • Hint 4: Adding all of them up for each square gives you all number that are ≤ 26
  • Hint 5: It’s A1Z26 cipher, just use it when you see numbers that are ≤ 26


  • Using knowledge from Ch1,
  • Add up the number of sides in each red shape, then subtract that of the blue shapes
  • Doing it for each area gives 19 20 1 18
  • Using A1Z26, the answer is STAR

Right Side

  • Hint 1: That clock do be looking familiar
  • Hint 2: It’s from Ch1
  • Hint 3: Those are human and cars
  • Hint 4: the !@#$ correspond to 2 points, forming a line / that line has a distance
  • Hint 5: Cars are probably faster than humans
  • Hint 6: It’s one of those questions about speed you get in middle school
  • Hint 7: The question is how long does it take from point to point
  • Hint 8: What does a analog clock show when it’s 13:00?


  • For each box is a question about how much does a human/car need to go from one symbol to another
  • Cars are 5x faster tan humans to cars travel at 2-3-2 unit times
  • Solving for every question, you get 25 7 4 10 8 2 30
  • Putting the numbers into the clock cipher (with numbers above 12 looping back), we get CROSSER

Therefore, the solution is STARCROSSER

New screen and new puzzle again

Remember both lock need to be open to be able to input the code

  • Hint 1: welp, the thing is same as last time
  • Hint 2: Wow, that is a load of text, but it seems to be on a loop, an iteration perhaps
  • Hint 3: just continue to scroll down until you hit something different


  • Replacing [PATH], you get this.
  • Scroll to the bottom and you’ll find what you’ll need to enter

Therefore, the solution is TOTHESTART.

Be prepare for this as well as it’s also pretty hard!

That’s It!

You did it! i don’t really care if you just looked at the solution or just used some of the hints, i’m proud of you. Give yourself a pat in the back for such a hard challenge

Still here?

You mean there’s another puzzle?

Oh right! I ended there so that i could keep the surprise of Ch2 hidden from you.

So here we go again.

This time there are more locks so we need to think about them again

  • Hint 1: the center left and right are similar to the previous ones, so i probably don’t need to tell you how to do them
  • Hint 2: If you still haven’t realized, PM refers to a song
  • Hint 3: the leftmost one references Ch1 again, is there some special song in Ch1 that is worth mentioning? (don’t tell me it’s grode)
  • Hint 4: the rightmost one refers to a similar thing to the one on the leftmost

Encore hint: Both boss songs’s requirements has 2 conditions, but you only need to clear one of them for it to unlock

Since there’s 4 unlock conditions, Remember that the multiple song clears must all be in the Chapter 2 folder for it to count


  • Clear 4 songs on Opening with A or higher and 2 songs with 300 or higher max combo
  • Clear Pyromania and valor/starcrosser Opening with A or higher


  • Clear 5 songs on Middle with AA or higher and 3 songs with 500 or higher max combo
  • Clear Pyromania and valor/starcrosser Middle with AA or higher


  • Clear 6 songs on Finale with S or higher and 4 songs with 750 or higher max combo
  • Clear Pyromania and valor/starcrosser Finale with S or higher


  • Clear 7 songs on Finale with S or higher and 4 songs with 900 or higher max combo
  • Clear Pyromania and valor/starcrosser Finale with SS or higher OR Encore with S or higher

On to the puzzles:

Center hint: oh god there’s 4 symbols this time

Green Diamond:

  • Hint 1: Man, those dots feel familar don’t they
    • When did it appear? in the story perhaps?
    • If you just skipped the story, see hint 2 and 3
    • If you didn’t you already know what to do
  • Hint 2: All the lines have ≤ 9 dots perhaps each line represent a number (you should totally read the story though it’s pretty cool)
  • Hint 3: Notice what’s the only red things here
  • Hint 4: Looks like a lot of math, but you can just give those to wolframalpha or any other calculator to do the work for you
  • Hint 5: There’s still one more with scattered dots, maybe the naive solution could work
  • Hint 6: all results are ≤ 26, you know what this means


  • Each group of dots represent a number, get the number by counting the number of dots in each line to form a number
  • The scattered dots can be done by just counting them
  • We get 5 18 18 15 18
  • Using A1Z26 we get ERROR

Pink Square:

  • Hint 1: You’ll probably need the internet on this one
  • Hint 2: The long ones are 3 pixels long, and the short ones are only 1 pixel long
  • Hint 3: If you haven’t notice by now, it’s morse code


  • The line are morse code with 3 pixels being long,and one pixel being short
  • Translating _.. . – . -.-. – .. — -. we get DETECTION

Raspberry Circle:

  • Hint 1: You’ll definitely need the internet on this one
  • Hint 2: You know it’s A1Z26 by now, right?
  • Hint 3: Find a cipher that needs words for a key
  • Hint 4: You may need to use 2 keys
  • Hint 5: It’s the Vigenère cipher


  • First convert with number into words with A1Z26 (we get BREAKER and DUSK)
  • This is a Vigenère cipher ,so ICNYE (using BREAKER as key) -> HLJYU (using DUSK as key) -> ERROR
  • We get ERROR (again)

Blue Triangle

  • Hint 1: The colors at the top and bottom seems to be the same
  • Hint 2: The squares doesn’t seem to have any clear formation order, perhaps you need to do something else?
  • Hint 3: You are looking for numbers again
  • Hint 4: All the numbers are ≤ 26 you know what to do (A1Z26)


  • Match each number at the bottom with the number of squares of that color
  • You get 16 18 15 20 5 3 20 9 15 14
  • Using A1Z26, you get PROTECTION

Therefore the solutions are Errordetection and Errorprotection

New screen again

Remeber you need to have all four locks unlocked to proceed

  • Hint 1: There is no place to input text into
  • Hint 2: This isn’t a puzzle, just make sure to prepare for what next
  • Hint 3: Really prepare for this one, it’s the hardest chart so far


  • Just press enter.
  • That’s it, prepare for a extreme battle.

After you’ve done that Prepare for one furious fight, you need it!

And that’s it for real this time! Ok it’s actually for real there is nothing more in the main storyline. But there is still some more. Look closely at the Chapter 2 preview video.

I won’t give you hints this time, ask somebody else for that.

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