Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden – Endings Guide

The three endings and three variables for the conclusion.

Guide to Endings

All credit goes to aarmosher!

The Three Memories

There are three options at the end for the memories to pick by Laty: Love, Friendship or Family.

To be honest the difference is so miniscule that is not worth the time and effort to get.

So i went the trouble and spare you the pain.

If you pick Love (i bet 80% player pick this as their first ending).

If you pick Family.

If you pick Friendship.

I think the first game has more variant in the conclusion, unlike this one. and i also cannot find a better ending like the first game.

I almost 100% the game so that includes beating the isle eater at its lair, getting all the relic weapon in true form, etc etc. i even tried going back to the altar and the egg in case it do something, but nada…

I just lack some small monster card collection achievement at the moment of writing this and getting the endings above, so it’s either there are only 3 endings above or the secret ending is really hidden (in the first game the secret ending is quite obvious though).

As a bonus i included the 3 variant you can pick at the conclusion, my favorite is the last one where GM will report to the writer, such a 4th wall breaker.

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