Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden – Guide to Secret Gear and Stuff

Short guide to help you get the more hidden stuff.

Secret Gear and Stuff Guide


To get the Four Spirit Relic Weapons, you need to have finished the basic ritual with the four maidens at the four islands (get the four basic relic weapon), then go back to each altar and you will get these

Azure Spirits Relic from the altar at the underwater Seabed Temple.

Ivory Spirits Relic from the altar at the bottom of the Foundation beneath Alabaster City.

Onyx Spirits Relic from the altar at the north of Wicked Wetlands, where you fight the big snake. there is a monster egg here too.

Crimson Spirits Relic from the altar at the Arena. Talk to the receptionist and pay 1g for it.


Champion of the Sea – return to Heroes’ Dominion, there will be an event that tells you that you can enter arena battle, fight 3 times by talking to the receptionist (if you fail you can just retry without consequences).

And after beating the receptionist you will get this.

Heavenly Guardian – Last Dungeon, just open the chest located here

To get this

Emperor’s Glory – early on you should get an event where you meet an old woman that ask for a salve (reminiscent of first game) if you have it (must be the most basic cheap salve) she will give you sea grape.

Go to the south western shipwreck where the guy will trade you for bent stick

Then go to eastern island (the top inlet) where there is a shipwreck at the east side, and the man there will give you Shiny Stone

Bring the Shiny Stone to the South Eastern Shipwreck where rock lee will give you Silvery Ore

Then go to Alabaster City (north island) to the blacksmith to get


Early on (i believe after the first maiden quest is done at south island) you will get an event where you can reach to a chest in the sea, from it you will get a scratched up key.

But the key can only be used after you have access to the east island (through the storms).

Go to top eastern area here to reach the shipwreck.

You will need to fight some monsters that makes a mini whirlpool there, and upon accessing the shipwreck you will get.

Ring of Life II

If you have the key.

You will get Ring of Compassion II

There’s also the Gemstone Ring II at the last dungeon if you open the chest at this location.

Real useful for NG+ where you want to quickly kill small fry mobs with aoe attack in first round (to get the flipside of monster card).

EvilBane ring – given when you start New Game Plus

Table, Backside of Cards, and Dice Unlockables

These aren’t really secret, but may be missable:

If you play the parlor minigame and beat each mode once — you just need to play the single player mode and doesn’t need to play the multiplayer one, thank God (iirc there is the basic mode, the add skill mode, add event mode, and all in mode).

You will unlock the table, the dice, backside of cards and the accompanying achievement.

And if you beat the game you will unlock Lac’s chess piece.

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