VTuber Plus – Frequently Asked Questions

Official F.A.Q.

All credit goes to Arzolath !

I can not login

  • Close the program.
  • Click here and disconnect VTuber Plus.
  • Disable your firewall and run VTuber Plus as administrator.
  • Generate a new oAuth key and login.

If the previous steps didn’t work, do the following and repeat from the start:

  • Press Windows + R.
  • Type in reg delete “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Arzolath\VTuber Plus” and press Enter.

VTuber Plus in OBS is a black screen

  • Close VTuber Plus.
  • Disable Game Mode in Windows 10.
  • Run OBS as Administrator.

My redeems aren’t working

  • Click here and disconnect VTuber Plus.
  • Generate a new oAuth key and login.

Do I need to keep VSeeFace running in the background?

  • Yes. VTuber Plus requires a tracking software with VMC protocol such as VSeeFace

Can I use Live2D avatars?

  • VTuber Plus only supports VRM and VSF avatars at the moment. Live2D support is planned for the future.

Can I use VSeeFace Props?

  • No. VSeeFace’s Props are an internal feature and can not be used outside of the program.

Items are being thrown at my feet

  • Your avatar might be loaded in incorrectly. Please restart VTuber Plus.

VTuber Plus is being laggy while running along side my game

  • Make sure to cap the fps in your game.
  • Hide your avatar in VSeeFace.

My avatar’s facial expressions are partially missing in VTuber Plus. I’m using ARKit

  • Make sure you have all 52 required blendshapes setup on your avatar. Even if your expressions look normal in VSeeFace, only the blendshapes can be sent over VMC.

My eyebrows are not working outside of VSeeFace

  • For any animation or tracking to work outside of VSeeFace you must make sure that the blendshapes are available on the avatar. Eyebrows are “Brows up” and “Brows down”. If they are missing, they can not be transferred using the VMC protocol. More info on the special blendshapes can be found here.

My chat commands are not working

  • Make sure to promote VTuber Plus bot to Moderator and then restart VTuber Plus.

My shirt / skin around the armpit area is pointing outwards

  • Change your render quality to High or Ultra.
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  1. i followed your steps to get the VMC Tracking from Vsee face, my tracking is not working at all, i changed ip and ports, its just stuck in a T pose, i followed your instruction to the T and nothing is working.

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