War Mongrels – Hold a Door Achievement Guide

I noticed very few players had this achievement, I’ll offer an easy way of completing it.

How to Obtain Hold a Door Achievement

How I Did It

Here’s a guide step by step below.

Manfred should have the Uniform to make this easier.

  1. In the 3rd Mission, get Ewald into the main building where you’ll be placing the bomb through the staircase (1).
  2. Get Manfred behind the door where the two guards are standing (2) and use the whistle ability to move them out of position.
  3. Once the guards get out of the corridor, move Ewald either into the closet or the room on the right (3) and wait for the guards to return.
  4. Get Ewald behind the door where the two guards are standing (2).
  5. Use Manfred to lure one or two extra guards from one of the other rooms. Repeat this a few time s until you can use lure them exactly to the front of the door where the two guards are standing.
  6. When you have 3 or 4 guards in front of the door use the Ewald ability to break down the door and kill those guards.

Luring guards behind door will work on any level but this seems like the easier place to do it.

Fell free to suggest other levels and locations where this strategy will also work.

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