Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – 100% Achievement Guide

An overview and guide on how to fully complete the achievements of Warhammer 40,000: Darktide.


This guide will go over all the achievements and how to complete them, providing information on how to do so easily, if possible. It’s categorized by class specific, combat, mission specific and achievements you complete just by playing the game with no single best way to complete them.

Leveling Achievements

Achievements completed by playing the game and gaining XP.

On Parole
Complete the prologue.

Upon creating a character you will be forced into it. Can’t miss it.

Circle of Trust I
Complete Path of Trust chapter 1.

This achievement and subsequently every other with the same name just requires you to get to a certain level. Meaning the Circle of Trust VI is unlocked upon reaching level 30.

Unconsidered Trifles
Unlock your first Curio slot.

As expected this is simply done by getting to a certain level. This being fairly early in the game it’s an easy one.

Well met, Whippersnapper
Unlock access to Sire Melk’s Requisitiorium.

You unlock Sire Melk’s Requisitorium by getting to level 11.

Two’s Company
Have 2 different Classes at rank 30.

Like a four-leaf Clover
Have 4 different Classes at rank 30.

I am currently not aware of any solid strategies for fast leveling. If you are capable of doing the highest difficulty content that’d probably be your best bet.

However if you’re not I found spamming quickplay on Sedition difficulty and rushing to the end to be fairly effective. You either wanna do Sedition or Malice. Uprising difficulty isn’t worth it since it only provides a 100XP more than Sedition but the mission takes longer, not worth the 100XP. You gotta consider the fact Malice will take a while and you might end up failing if your team isn’t up to the task granting you only between 500-1000XP. I might be wrong on this one but I’ve personally never gained more than 1000XP for a failed mission.

Combat Achievements

Achievements which require certain combat conditions to be met.

Preternatural Dodge
Dodge 12 attacks in a row.

The easiest way to do this is to stand in front of a horde and keep dodging by pressing space to the left/right/back. Having a weapon with the Mobility stat helps as this affects dodge speed, distance and how many times you can dodge.

Time to Die
Kill a Monstrosity in 20 seconds or less.

Load up a mission on the Sedition difficulty. Monstrosities are fairly squishy there and killing them in 20 seconds is not a problem. I don’t think there is a way to deliberately spawn them unfortunately. Spam missions until one spawns.

Frenzied Killer
Kill 90 enemies in less than 30 seconds.

Find yourself a horde and go at them. You’re gonna have an easier time with this achievement at higher difficulties or missions with the Endless Horde modifier as both of these increases the amount of mobs. Including the mobs that die of one hit like the Poxwalkers.

The Emperor Protects
Block 600 damage in 10 seconds.

Find a couple of enemies/horde and press right click while having your melee weapon equippedd. 600 is just a couple of hits, depending on the type of mobs of course. Playing Skullbreaker for this helps since he can block way more than other classes with his shield. (Defensive Stance doesn’t seem to count towards blocking)

Serial Killer
Kill 20 consecutive enemies with headshots.

Easiest way to complete this is to play the Psykinetic because his Brain Burst counts as a headshot. Otherwise you’re gonna have to hope you don’t accidentally kill a mob with an arm/shoulder hit.

Purge the Heretic
Kill a total of 40.000 enemies.

Anything counts. Doesn’t matter if it’s trash mobs or elites.

Banish a Daemonhost.

The Daemonhost is now in the game. They seem to be very common in power outage missions. He spawns in a neutral state and needs to be triggered. They’re very hard to kill and the best way to defeat them is to have a Skullbreaker tank and block his attacks with a shield using the Defensive Stance as it doesn’t drain stamina.

Daemonhost when triggered.

Daemonhost before being triggered.


Marked For Death
As the Sharpshooter hit 4 weakspots without missing a shot during one use of Volley Fire.

I found this to be most efficient with a burst-fire weapon. Especially easy on the Beast of Nurgle (big slime boi) monstrosity which has a huge weakspot on it’s back.

On Overwatch
As the Sharpshooter, complete a Mission on Malice Threat or higher without taking any melee damage.

If you’re lucky enough and you happen to join an ongoing mission this will still count. Should you join at the end of a mission it makes things a lot easier. The game doesn’t care if you’ve been there from the start or not.

If you’ve got friends to play with you can kill yourself by jumping off a ledge at the start of a mission, they can rescue you at the end and you’ve got an easy achievement. (Credit to Geriatric Ninja)


Buying Time
As the Preacher, hit an enemy sniper more than 40 metres away using a Stumm Grenade.

Make sure you use the aiming tool that appears while holding down your left click.

The mission Silo Cluster has an elevator defend point which has a bridge leading to it. This bridge is very long and spawns snipers quite often. Use your ping tool to check the distance. You don’t need to hit the Sniper with the actual grenade, the grenade explosion is enough.

Abhor the Mutant
As the Preacher, kill a charging Mutant with a melee attack while Dashing.

You’re gonna have to time your dash correctly so you dodge the Mutant’s charge and land a killing blow on it as it runs past you. Naturally this means you’re gonna have to lower its HP before doing so. Alternatively you could use the two handed hammer and one shot him using a charged heavy attack as suggested by Bigwig. The Pox Hound and Mutant can be made to spawn if you’re far away from your Strike Team.

Shocking Stuff
As the Preacher, kill 50 shocked enemies within 10 seconds on Malice difficulty or higher.

Once you’re ready to be doing Malice this isn’t a huge issue. Wait for large horde of enemies, throw a grenade into it, try to kill as many as fast as possible. The in-game Penance for this says “Stunned by your grenade” instead of “Shocked” so I doubt shocked enemies by Psykinetic count.


Not Even Close
As the Psykinetic, kill a pouncing Pox Hound with Brain Burst.

Tricky but very much do-able. Nothing too complicated. Just requires good timing. The Pox Hound and Mutant can be made to spawn if you’re far away from your Strike Team.

As the Psykinetic, kill 20 enemies within 2 seconds by knocking them off a ledge using your Ability.

As the Psykinetic, kill 20 enemies within 2 seconds by knocking them off a ledge using your Ability.

At the end of the Smelter Complex mission there is a central platform which has no railings and lots of opportunities for knocking enemies off as pointed out in the comments by Playbahnosh.

You can knock them off either on the sides or through the center. Solid spot.

Another great spot for this is a small bridge in the Chasm Logistratum mission.

Going Out With a Bang
As the Psykinetic, kill 3 elites with a single Perils of the Warp on Malice difficulty or higher.

This one is gonna take a few tries since the elites on Malice difficulty already hurt quite a bit. With the help of your team you can aggro them into one spot and boom, you got it. Perils of the Warp is the explosion that happens when you get to 100% Peril.


I’m in Charge!
As the Skullbreaker, use Bull Rush to interrupt a Plague Ogryn’s charge.

Nothing too complicated. All you need is good timing and to notice a Plague Ogryn begin his charge animation.

Something In Your Eye
As the Skullbreaker, kill a Corruptor by hitting it in the eye with your grenade.

The Corruptor technically isn’t an enemy, and instead only appears in certain missions(Smelter Complex, Silo Cluster, Relay Station). The Corruptor is the eye that spawns after hitting three daemonic growths around the map.

He’s spawned after you’ve destroyed 3 of these

Gone Bowling
As the Skullbreaker, knock down 100 enemies with a single Bull Rush on Malice difficulty or higher.

Higher difficulty + Endless Horde modifier on missions. This will grant you large amounts of enemies to Bull Rush through.

Mission Specific Achievements

Achievements specific to completing missions.

Inquisitorial Veteran
Complete at least one of each Mission type on Uprising difficulty or higher.

There is a mission rotation that changes every day. You need to keep track of the missions you’ve already done and which you still need. This one is just about waiting for the mission you need and then completing it. Not to be confused with zones, this achievement only cares about the types. Meaning the mission goal. (Assassination, Repair, Disruption, Investigation, Strike, Espionage, Raid)

Inquisitorial Legend
Complete at least one of each Mission type on Heresy difficulty or higher.

Much like the achievement above, wait for the right mission rotation and keep track of which missions you’ve already completed. Keep in mind this needs to be on Heresy difficulty.

Dream Team
Complete 100 missions without anyone being downed.

At first this might seem hard but you can do this on the Sedition difficulty and it doesn’t have to be in a row. You can complete this one while you level other classes for class specific achievements. Nothing but a time sink.

Flawless Execution
Complete 10 missions in a row without going down on Malice difficulty or higher.

I would recommend playing Sharpshooter for this one as it allows you to stay at a safe distance without risking being downed. Alternatively you can play Skullbreaker for the high survivability. To make sure you don’t die you could wait for “Low-Intensity Engagement Zone” modifier on missions. Being jumped on by a hound, grabbed by Mutant or caught by a Trapper doesn’t count as being downed. It’s the “in a row” that makes this a hard achievement.

Flawless Interrogator
Complete a Data Interrogation without an incorrect Auspex entry.

This one can be completed in any map that includes a Data Interrogation. The encounter features a “hacking” mini-game where you need to click on the highlighted symbols. Do this without failure and you got yourself an achievement.

Rest Achievements

Up and at ‘Em!
Help 100 downed Operatives back up.

Help your team by picking them up off the ground, be a sweetheart. Do that a 100 times.

Written by eternalreflect


  1. You made a mistake at the Psyker’s Cliffhanger achievement. It’s not two enemies, it’s twenty !

    I’ve been consistently trying to do this for many days, without any luck. Psykinetic’s Wrath doesn’t push mobs far enough, nor does the block-shove, you simply can’t pull enough zombies together to push 20 of them off all at once, definitely not in 2 seconds. My best so far was 8.

    The only way I can imagine this working is by doing a well timed Perils of the Warp explosion in the middle of a horde near a ledge during an Endless Horde mission, but the explosion usually kills the poxwalkers outright instead of just pushing them, so it has to be done on a higher difficulty I think. There are also railings everywhere, that prevents mobs from being pushed off, there are a few places that could work, like the central platform at the end of Smelter Complex HL17-36.

  2. for the preacher’s “buying time” achievement, i find that the mission silo cluster usually has a sniper at the elevator defend point, and the bridge is around 40m long

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