Warpips – Endless God! Achievement Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Keeper of Chaos!

This is a walk through and lessons learned on how i earned the 150k points in endless mode achievement. Hopefully a few helpful tips along the way!

How to Get 150k Points in Endless Mode


So i just snagged the Endless achievement and have seen several requests in the discussion boards on how this is done. It seems like most struggle around the 50k mark but I can confirm that this is still possible with all the recent updates.


Endless God!

  • Complete Endless Mode with at least 150k points

Initial Setup

Map Selection: I used a shorter map (Jungle Island 100m).

Reason being is eventually you get to a point where your army is sitting in front of the enemy base scoring points and the base gun will start 1-shotting your troops. The shorter map allows you to resupply them faster and keep the attack rolling.

Troop Selection: I used these troops (in this order as it will dictate what troops are available when)

  1. Pipsqueak – this will allow you to keep pip counts up while focusing your first few points in supplies and rank ups rather than income.
  2. Shield Pip – this unit allows you to soak up tons of damage while keeping your weaker units above in the field and doing damage.
  3. TOW Turret – these will pretty much single handedly take care of trucks, tanks, and enemy choppers. Used to defend your offense by keeping them on the front line with the rest of your troops.
  4. LRV – Keeping these up as often as possible will supply additional troops without burning pip counts.
  5. Pump Jack – funding the war effort ahead… place these as soon as you are able. Planning ahead and having some money saved for when these unlock is recommended – just be sure that you’re on the attack and not trying to defend when putting these down or you run the risk of them getting destroyed.
  6. M7 Tank – Damages.
  7. Tomahawk Chopper – This doesnt seem to attack the enemy base directly but is extremely powerful at warding off enemy waves, heros, and vehicles. Plan accordingly.
  8. Oil Barrel (single) – More $$$ – pick the single one as you will need the points on upgrades.

Upgrades Used

  • Combat Training x2 – increases experience per kill (found in the Academy Section).
  • Armored Vests (?) x2 – increases troop HP (found in the Engineering Corps Section).

To Battle! – Initial Start

The First Few Rounds

  • Spawn in 1 shield pip and then 1 pip squeak. From what i can tell, the enemy attacks the units in front so this allows the shield pip to do their job more effectively. Continue with this as you deploy rounds of troops.
  • Spend your points initially on supplies to allow for more pips to be spawned in at once. You are aiming for 6 to basically max out both units in a single burst. (If you don’t know – sending units out in clusters make them way more effective than spawning them in as soon as you are able)
  • Once you get enough supplies, spend the next points into the “Rank Up” option. I may have put 1 or 2 in income at some point but focus on getting to the next rank to make the pipsqueaks spawn in more units per deployment.
  • If you are playing aggressively enough and deploying in bursts, these units alone should be able to take down the enemy towers and push towards the base. Continue until the TOW Turrets are unlocked.

Previous to this, i used to put the turrets in the back for defense, but if you keep 1-2 up at the front lines they are actually really effective at taking out armored units quickly which keeps your infantry alive longer. The best offense is a good defense? Its also worth mentioning that the turrets don’t take up a pip supply slot so they are a great way of adding additional fire power without burning up slots.

More Units Get Unlocked

  • Once you hit the first rank up – switch back over to supplies for more pips. If you can keep your pips alive long enough, you can actually deploy additional pipsqueaks between cool downs. Ideally you are going to want enough pip slots to deploy the LRV as soon as you unlock it.
  • Once you have enough slots to maximize your troop burst (3 shield pips, 1 LRV, and 3+ pipsqueaks) switch back over to the rank up to max that out. This will grant you the ability to spawn in additional tanks/LRV’s later on.
  • If you are struggling or strapped for cash feel free to add a few points into the income but the rank & pip supply are the primary focus because the next unlock will help offset the lack of cash.
  • Once the Pump Jacks are unlocked, try to place these as soon as possible. This will help with the cash flow and help offset the limited number of points spent on income so far. Remember – only place these if your on the offensive. Deploying during an enemy wave means you run the risk of these getting destroyed which would really hurt given the lack of income coming in.

Using “Powers” to Rush & Defend

These tools are great for controlling the pips on the battlefield, knowing when to use them surprisingly makes a huge difference.

A few tips from my play through

Rush – Using the rush ability works for 3 reasons:

  • Getting your troops to move forward to avoid explosives but also as a defense if you need to push pips up to keep your base from being damaged.
  • Allowing for newly spawned units to “catch up” to the front lines. This is the main reason i chose a smaller map.
  • Unloading more damage on the enemy base to rack up more points. I honestly don’t know if this causes them to actually do more damage, but in my case, it seemed like it did. Comments below?

Defend – use the defend ability to:

  • Be more resilient to enemy waves. Hunkering down and letting the enemy wave break on your defending troops keeps more of your pips alive for a counter-attack.
  • Keep your troops from pushing too far forward. In some cases, you may not want your troops to push up (avoiding explode-y barrels) or your’e trying to keep the one guy way out front alive while the rest catch up.

From what i could tell – defending against the big enemy base gun doesn’t seem to do anything. Everything in my play through was basically 1-shot by that cannon.

Lastly – just because you have the power, doesn’t mean you need to use it right way. I found that saving it up, especially to defend and absorb enemy waves was helpful. Especially because they seem to share a cool down.

End Game

At this point the Tank should be accessible.

  • Continue to invest in the “Rank Up” until it is maxed out. This will allow you to spawn in more armored units and keep your waves up longer.
  • Then continue investing in the Pip Supplies so that we can keep deploying troops.
  • At this point you should pretty much always be on the offensive, pushing out waves of pips; using the pipsqueaks to fill empty slots and keeping them on cool down to make the most out of them while saving up to replace the others.
  • When the enemy cannon activates, it will wipe out your army. This is an intended mechanic but be careful not to start sending out your next wave too soon or your 2nd wave may get caught up in the last few shots from the cannon too.
  • Once you deploy your burst of troops, use the “rush” command to keep the fighting on the enemy doorstep. In my play through almost all of the fighting occurred right in front of the enemy base. If you can kill off enemy troops right as they spawn in, it keeps them from pooling up and pushing you back.
  • Once the Tomahawk unlocks you want to start planning on when to launch it so that its up when the enemy waves are coming in. They wipe out enemy troops quickly and by keeping them in the air during the harder sections it will keep your army alive longer. This is where your points are going to start racking up.

Once you’ve upgraded everything you can, start spending points on the “insta cash” option. At this point in the game it became extremely easy to keep hitting the base. With max pips, 2 LRVs, 2 Tanks, 3 Shield pips, a battlefield full of TOW turrets (literally filled up every slot towards the end just because i had so much extra cash) and more cash than I could spend, it was all about timing:

  • As troops die in normal battle I started replacing them as soon as i could just to keep numbers up.
  • As soon as the enemy base turret activated (keep an eye on the caution symbol – yellow means its about to start, red means it’s active) stop deploying troops until it finishes wiping you out and then deploy everything all at once again. Use the Rush technique to get back even faster.
  • Rinse and repeat until you get enough points.

You have to eventually fail in order to actually earn the achievement. I ended at like 163k because i dont really care about leaderboards & I didnt see any reason to continue. The enemy does get harder and harder so eventually you will end up losing – but enjoy and hopefully this gets you to 150k+ too!

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  1. The Best Guide that i found but the only change that i make in my game is the tow turret to tear gas grenade

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