Brotato – Danger 5 Guide

Brotato guide for danger 5.

Guide to Danger 5

Danger 5

On most danger 5 runs you will need some sort of healing, and damage reduction to go pass wave 18, 20, and the boss wave. Also most characters will need some damage that can kill most of the enemies up to wave 20 (For money and more importantly experience).

  • My method of healing was mainly life steal + weapons that are fast and hit multiple times.
  • Hp regen is really slow compared to other healing, mostly I just dumped it.
  • On some characters that cannot work well with life steal I mostly healed with luck + hp from consumables + tree combinations.

Here are some examples for how I cleared D5.

Soldier: Run won with lifesteal, attack speed, and piercing. For soldier you can walk while shooting by clicking on your keyboard in quick successions.

Masochist: Picked medical scissors and later on replaced with blades for lifesteal. One of the easy characters.

Engineer: Simple, pick all the turrets you can, especially the medical turrets are very good for healing.

Generalist: Was the hardest character for me.

His ability is most times just a penalty.

You can see on the image that my final stats were not that high compared to other characters on clear. but I did get enough healing from the cactus + slingshot weapons.

Loud: More enemies = more loot. OP slingshot. easy win.

Doctor: Only picked scissors until I had 4normal and 2 blue. -> After that only pick the blades because they are much better then scissors. A blue blade > red scissor

Demon: Use almost all your health in turn 1,2,3 for items before inflation kicks in. Early harvesting, luck, etc will carry you throughout the game.

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