We Were Here Forever – List of Most Known Issues with Solutions

We hope you’re having a wonderful time exploring Castle Rock once more with your partner! Unfortunately, we can’t not prevent the Jester from messing with the game. If you encounter any issues, here is a list of well-known issues and their fixes. While we work hard on a next pack with fixes.

Issues and Solutions

Common solutions

Please make sure you tried all of these first, no matter what the issue is!

  • Make sure you set your correct microphone as default in your Windows settings. WWHF uses your default microphone in the game.
  • Update your Windows.
  • Update your graphics driver.
  • Unplug unnecessary USB devices (controllers, extra mics, etc.).
  • Make sure you meet the minimum requirements. One of these requirements is Windows 10, other operating systems could experience issues. Windows 7 is not supported
  • Note that the game doesn’t support Steam Deck (for now).

Where do I find my supporter pack/dlc content?

  • To find the contents of the supporter’s pack, you have to right click the game in your library > properties > local files > browse. This brings you to the folder where you will also find extra folders.

Black screen for one player

  • We’re still investigating the issue, but for now we see that some can get out of the loading by hitting the Switch role button twice. Something that needs to be done everytime you create a new room.

Black screen when loading a checkpoint when hosting the game

  • Change the checkpoint from “play without save” to a previous checkpoint. Then changing it back to the checkpoint you had issues with. It seems to fix the problem with the black screen when loading the checkpoint.

Media Feature Pack (For windows N version users)

  • Make sure the Windows Media Feature Pack is installed for your version of windows. This is required for the playback of certain videos within the game. The windows 10 version can be found here.

DirectX version

  • Make sure your operating system is updated with the latest version of DirectX. Information on how to do this can be found here. By default we require DirectX 12 with the latest feature set to be installed, however there is also a launch option available for DirectX 11. This might resolve some issues for certain older hardware.

Stuck in unity loading screen

Make sure your drivers are up to date and try to restart the game and pick the “DX 11” option to launch the game. If you want to do this manually, you have to do the following steps.

Change the launch options of the game in steam by adding -force-d3d11 to your launch options.
You can do this by going to the game in your Steam library and right clicking to go to “Properties”. Then in the “General” tab you can add it under “Launch Options” at the bottom.

Also make sure your Windows is updated, you whitelisted the game in your Firewall & Anti-Virus settings, start the game as administrator and turn off your Steam beta program. You can find more information on how to do the latter here.

If this keeps happening, you can delete the “Total Mayhem Games” folder found in:

  • C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow

If the issue persists, please DM one of the community managers in the Discord server [discord.gg] with your PC specs, Steam name and your player log files, found in:

  • C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\Total Mayhem Games\We Were Here Forever

Stuck on connecting to voice server/ retrieving friendlist

  • If you get this screen, make sure that you play in a region that is supported by the game.
  • If you are using a VPN, try switching regions.
  • Make sure you play on Windows and that your Windows is updated.
  • Check if your Windows time is set correctly.
  • Whitelist the game in your Anti Virus & Firewall settings.

Remote setting failed

  • If you get this message when trying to start the game, try turning off your Steam Cloud Sync.

Confession booth crash & sound loop

  • When entering the confession booth the game crashes and the sound keeps looping. To fix this, run the game as administrator and launch the .exe. It passes the checkpoint and is a bit laggy behind the door but it should work after.

Stuck on retrieving friend list

  • Try to update all games in Steam that are paused. It could also be related to your friendlist being too long and full. If possible, try deleting some friends.

You can find the same solutions on our website, with images in case you need them.

Thank you for playing our games explorers and have fun!

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