Weird RPG – Fast Gold Farming

250k+ gold per minute, fastest gold farming guide.


Fastest way for gold farming is destroying red crystals in Castle. With this method you will be able to farm 250k+ gold plus 10 of each most useful consumables in game per minute.


  • Excalibur: You need this to one shot crystals.
  • Hunter’s Helmet (Optional): to make each run faster. You can buy this from “Ya Qing”. Teleport to Magic World > Chief’s Camp, use red star teleporter to go back previous section.


Teleport to Castle Entrance in first zone. You will be running throug map, ignoring enemies and one shotting red crystals untill you reach first teleporter. After you reach the teleporter, simply use it twice to respawn all crystals.

Here is your target:

One shotting this crystals will drop lots of red armor/weapon that you can sell for 10k/20k each.

Route I’m using:

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