When The Night Comes – 100% Full Achievement Guide

How to unlock and earn the achievements in When The Night Comes. May contain minor spoilers.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Main Story

These are automatically unlocked during the main story.

Arrived in Lunaris

  • We’re really in it now, Hunter…

Visited The White Wolf

  • Bottoms up.

Went to the Lunar Festival

  • Good, minus the murder…

Met Raven

  • We’re sorry.

Story Choices

These are unlocked by selecting certain responses during the story.

Fought the Youngling

  • You saved the town! Get used to it.

Choose “Work out some tension. (Fight)” when you encounter the youngling. During the fight choose either “Block” or “Counter-Attack”.

I chose “Dodge” on my first playthrough and it didn’t trigger the achievement.

Took Ezra’s Notes

  • Take Ezra’s notes when given the option.

Let Finn Bite You

  • Slaps neck. Take a sip, babe.

During the Finn or Finn + Ezra romances, let Finn bite you.


Individual Romances

After you meet Alkar in the forest you’ll be prompted to “Go to…” a character. Choosing a character will immediately unlock the romance achievement.

Romanced August

  • Yes, Enforcer.

Romanced Finn

  • He bites (if you like)

Romanced Ezra

  • Like magic.

Romanced Alkar

  • Awoo!

Romanced Omen

  • Hot stuff.

Romanced Piper

  • Partners in solving crime.

Polyamorous Pairings

If the character you chose to romance has a poly pairing, you’ll be able to choose the pairing in the next scene. After selecting the romance the achievement will unlock immediately.

  • Romanced Finn + Ezra
  • Romanced Omen + Alkar


To Condemn A Man

  • Condemn the villain to your companions when you have the option.

When you confront the villain choose to “Condemn”.

Caught In A Lie

  • Condemn the villain to your companions when you have the option.

When you confront the villain choose to “Condemn, but Lie”.

I Pledge Allegiance

  • Sympathize with the villain to your companions.

When you confront the villain choose the Sympathize option.


Mini-Stories are unlocked when you complete the story for the first time. They’re located under “Extras” in the main menu.

Unlocked Mini-Story #1

  • Meow.

Start the Mini-Story.

Unlocked Mini-Story #2

  • Muahahahaha!

Start the Mini-Story.

Unlocked Mini-Story #3

  • Til’ Death.

Start the Mini-Story.

Read The Wizards Staff

  • Inspiring, truly.

Complete the August route of the Halloween mini-story.

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