Dune: Spice Wars – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This is a comprehensive guide detailing a way of getting for all achievements in the game. If you have never played this game or are just hunting for achievements, this guide will show you how to get them all.

How to Obtain All Achievements

The search function of a browser may be used to find a specific achievement faster (Ctrl+F).

I wish you success in getting all the in-game achievements.


● Difficulty level of achievements: Hard.
● Total achievements: 32 (100%)
● Offline achievements: 32. (100%)
● Online Achievements: 0.
● Estimated time to complete all achievements: 80+ hours.
● Minimum number of passes for 100%: 10-20 game sessions.
● Glitchy achievements: None.
● Missable Achievements: None.
● Achievements with difficulty levels: Yes.
● Required DLCs for 100% achievements: None, Early access game.

Victory Achievements

Easy Win

  • Win in easy difficulty or more

Desert Fighter

  • Win in medium difficulty or more


  • Win in hard difficulty or more

Master of Arrakis

  • Win in insane difficulty

You can set AI difficulty in Preferences after selecting a fraction.

As you can see from the description, winning on higher difficulty levels unlocks achievements with previous difficulties. Thus, to get all the achievements at once, it is enough to win on the insane difficulty. However, I recommend getting to grips with the basic mechanics of the game on easy and normal difficulties before playing on insane.


  • Win an Hegemony victory

Winning by way of the Hegemony victory condition is likely the way many matches will end. Hegemony is essentially a rating of your overall control on Arrakis. Hegemony is accrued through many different actions, and accruing 30,000 points will make you the victor.

The main ways of gaining Hegemony include:

  • Annexing and taking over villages.
  • Getting Charters passed in your favor.
  • Using espionage operations.
  • Paying the Spice Tax.
  • A bunch of smaller actions can contribute to your Hegemony as well.

Each Crafts Workshop you build at a village provides 2 Hegemony per day, and once you reach 10,000 Hegemony, you can construct the Administrative Hall at your capital to get a 10% bonus to your earnings. Basically, you’ll want to expand and control as much of Arrakis as possible in order to win through this method.


  • Win with the Dune Governorship charter

Governship victory condition, tied to the Landsraad and Charters. On top of the basic Charters, there are five special Charters at the top of the Landsraad. The one you want is the “Dune Governorship Charter.” Certain conditions must be unlocked in order for the Charter to go up for a vote.

For Dune Governorship to go up for a vote, a certain number of regions must be held by one faction. On top of that, a certain number of Sietches must be allied with any of the four factions. Once those conditions are met, the Charter will go up for vote, but a faction also needs to meet the requirements in order to vote for it.

You must be allied with multiple Sietches and have high Landsraad standing in order to put your votes forward. Once done, you actually need to win the vote, which isn’t guaranteed.

However, winning through Governorship is most easily done with House Atreides since the faction gets huge bonuses for Landsraad standing and diplomacy.


  • Win by assassinating your last opponent

The first option for achieving a Domination victory is by way of espionage, in which case you’ll need to assign Agents to each of the espionage areas. To pull off an association attempt, you must be Level 2 in each of the general espionage areas, as well as Level 2 in the specific faction you want to assassinate. Keep in mind, however, that assassination attempts can fail and your agents can be captured.

You’ll win if you manage to infiltrate and assassinate all three faction leaders. Use asssasin to kill your last opponent`s leader to unlock this one.


  • Win by destroying the base of your last opponent

You can also achieve Domination victory by building up massive armies and destroying each of your opponent’s capitals. However, capitals have massive amounts of health and defense, so you’ll really need a massive army to bring them down. Deal with other fractions somehow and destroy the base of last fraction to unlock this achievement.

Faction Achievements

There are currently only 4 playable factions in the game: House Atreides, House Harkonnen, Smugglers and Fremen. Each of them has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.
For the victory of each faction, you will unlock one achievement.

Honorable Duke

  • Win with House Atreides

Dreaded Baron

  • Win with House Harkonnen

Cunning Criminal

  • Win with the Smugglers

Visionary Rebel

  • Win with the Fremen

Let’s find out more about each faction separately, because it will help you choose the right conditions to win on Insane difficulty.

House Atreides

The stellar reputation of House Atreides owes a lot to its leader`s commanding style: firm yet honorable and fair. By imperial decree, the Atreides just inherited the stewardship of Arrakis and have a lot of work to do to take over from the Harkonnens

Faction bonuses:

✔️ Can use the Peaceful Annexation Ability
✔️ Other factions lose no Authority from treaties with you
✔️ benefists more from a high Landsraad Standing
❌ Cannot pillage neutral Villages

At 5k Hegemony

✔️ While under the effect of a positive Resolution, gain +10% Solari production
✔️ While under the effect of a negative Resolution, gain +10% unit Power

At 10k Hegemony

✔️ You can ignore Charters prerequisites except for the necesary Landsraad Standing

Lady Jessica

Allows you to impose any tretay upon other factions for 50 influence. They will nedd 100 authority to refuse. Starts with the Non-Aggression Pact Treaty unlocked

The Lady Jessica is Duke Leto`s Concubine. Although she is a Bene Gesserit, her loyality always goes to house Atreides before the Sisterhood.

Duncan Idaho

  • All relatin gains with Sietch are increased by 100%
  • -10% Authority cost to annex a Village

One of Letos most trusted men and House Atreides Swordmaster. Duncan was tasked with being Leto`s ambassador to the Fremen upon their arrival on Arrakis

Thufir Hawat

  • Your Agents have 1 additional trait
  • Your Villages gain +20% resource production for 2 days when their region is targeted by one or more operations.

Thufir is an elderly mentat – a human computer -, and also House Atreides` Master of Assassins. Renowhed in the Landsroad for being both outstandingly cunning and honorable, Thufir is also a mentor in the art of war and politocal instructions.

House Harkonnen

House Harkonnen shares its chilling reputation with its leader, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. They have beeen called despotic, merciless, scheming and devious. And those are only their finer qualities.

Faction bonuses:

✔️ Can use the Oppression Ability on Harkonnen villages.
✔️ +5% Village resource production per active militia.
✔️ Always knows the Influence flows of the other factions.
❌ -10% Village resource production.

At 5k Hegemony

✔️ While at least one ally Village is under Oppression:

  • +10 unit Power.
  • +100% Agent recruitment speed.

At 10k Hegemony

✔️ Allows you to assing an agent to a mission to reduce its cost and preparation time. The agent will be sacrificed.

Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen

Can use Corruption on Landsraad resolutions, causing a loss of Landsraad Standing for the elected faction.
Gain 10 Unfluence upon killing Rebel.

Glossus younger brother and the Barons favored nephew, Feyd-Rautha has all it takes to uphold his familys sadistic culture. An unmatched duelist and charismatic leader, he is the chosen na-Baron of Heouse Harkonnen, destined to take over his uncles legacy

Piter De Vries

Unlocks the Stealth Probe unit with the Infiltration Drone trait:

  • No Supply limitation.
  • +1 Intel production in enemy territory.

Ornithopters unit have the Infiltration Ornithopter trait:

  • Only visible from close range.
  • +1 Intel production in enemy territory.

Piter is a twisted Mentat that is a human computer, but bred on planet Tleflax with much less ethical constraints in mind than their regular counterparts.

Rabban Harkonnen

  • +1 Militia slot
  • Oppression duration increased by +5s per militia on the village

Nicknamed “the Beast” after murdering his own father, The Count of Lankiveil is every bit as evil and corrupt as his uncle, the Baron Harkonnen. Rabban only rules through violence and terror, Making him dreaded and despised, leader.

Iakin Nefud

  • 50% of all your Military Units costs is refunded upon their death.
  • -50% Combat Drugs mission cost.

Iakin is the Captain of the House Harkonnen guard, While regarded as decently reliable while on duty, he is a known Semuta addict, which, to some, is enough to cast doubt on all of his abilities.


There`s a fine line between smugglers and full-fledged bandits, and Esmar Tuek is adept at walking that line. Smugglers can provide anything to anyone, provided they put the price…and do not look at the specifics too closely.

Faction bonuses:

✔️ Can install Underworld Headquarters in opponent`s Villages.
✔️ Can place Bounty on Landsraad resolutions.
✔️ Improved interactions with Arrakis Black Markets.
❌ Limited access to the Landsraad.

At 5k Hegemony

✔️ Unlocks Contraband Special Events.
✔️ You gain 50 Votes at the Landsraad.

At 10k Hegemony

✔️ Allows the training of Mercenary.
✔️ Mercenary units +20% Power.

Staban Tuek

Underworld Headquarters produce +5 Solari per adjacent region containing an Underworld Headquarters.

  • +0.5 Influence per Underworld Headquarters

Staban is Esmar Tueks son and, just like his father, a renowned smuggler of various goods on Arrakis, most notably Spice Melange. Like many of his people, he thrives on a harsh environment while routinely defying the highest authorities. He is a proud man who doesnt abide by anybody`s rules but his own.

Linger Bewt

Reduces the Authority cost to annex a Village depending on available Water.

Reduces the cost to Install Underworld Headquarters depending on available Water.

Lingar`s business revolves around a single commodity, but one which is so rare on Arrakis, only Spice tops it in importance: water. While his extraction operations are not technically illegal, they are, by nature, risky enough that Lingar had to forge an alliance with smugglers, and most notable Esmar Tuek.


All agents have the Merchant trait.

  • Infiltration levels can`t be lower than 1.

Drisq is Esmar Tueks loyal quartermaster, managing supplies and commodities for the whole Sietch. She is also regularly involved in the logistics of the masters smuggling operations.


  • Gain 30% more when pillaging a village.
  • Gain Plascrete by pillaging a village.

Bannerjee serves as the head of security at Tueks Sietch. A stout, intimidating hulk of a man with a jaded outlook on life, he is a reliable ally when it comes to protecting Esmars best interests.


Fremen are the only people native to Arrakis and will do anything to protect their way against the offworlders. While their leader, Liet Kynes, doesn`t originally come from Dune, she is every bit as determined and attached to the planet as the next Fremen.

Faction bonuses:

✔️ Military units have -30% daily Supply drain.
✔️ Allows you yo form alliances with Sietch outside of your territory.
✔️ May use Thumpers for Worm Riding.
❌ Limited access to the Landsraad.

At 5k Hegemony

✔️ Thumpers are generated passively.
✔️ Thumpers attract larger Sandwormds that can travel farther.

At 10k Hegemony

✔️ Military units gain Power according to your Hegemony (up to +20% at 25 000 Hegemony).

Chani Kynes

Can use Incite Rebellion on Landstraad resolutions, generating rebellions in ther factions if the targeted resolution passes.

  • +0.5 Intel production per adjacent neutral Region.

Chani is a young Fremen mothered by the famous imperial planetologist Liet Kynes. A bold and charosmatic woman and an adept fighter, she is loyal to her native people and its determined to do whatever it takes to remove any lingering Harkonnen presence from her planet.

Stilgar Ben Fifrawl

Every new village capture increases Sietch detection progress.

  • +1 Authority production per exploited Spice Field.

Stilgar is the Naib – the leader – of Sietch Tabr, one of the most prominent Fremen communities on Arrakis. A wise and honorable leader, he has a soft spot for Chani Kynes, whom he regards as his niece.

Mother Ramallo

Start with the Shai-hulud Temple unlocked Reveals the position of all Spice Fields.

Ramallo is an elderly Sayyadina, a rogue Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother who successfully changed the Water of Life. She therefore possesses a vast knowledge inherited from her foremothers, and her immense wisdom makes her a revered mother figure aming the Fremen.


  • +10% units Speed.

Units gain Sand Killers when no allies are nearby: +20% Power and +2 Armor.

Otheym is a renowned and fearsome Fremen fighter who left Sietch Hara Kulon for Sietch tabr led by Stilgar. A wise and loyal of a bit gruff man, he likes to be in the first kines, be it in combat or through experimenting with new kinds of strategies.

Gameplay Achievements


  • Capture your first village


  • Eliminate a raid targetting you

Regional Specialty

  • Construct a building that exploits a natural resource

Spice Duty

  • Assign a new crew to a Harvester or to a Harvesting Team


  • Activate an operation

Legal Bond

  • Sign a treaty with another faction

Urban Planning

  • Activate a district bonus


  • Capture a village owned by another faction

Water Bond

  • Form an alliance with a Sietch

Way of the Air

  • Use a shuttle to transport troops

Honor of Duty

  • Get elected for a charter

Spy Master

  • Reach infiltration level 3 in any field of operations


  • Destroy another player’s base


  • Assassinate an enemy leader

Full House

  • Build a building in every base slot

Miscellaneous Achievements

True Friendship

  • Reach 100 relation with another faction

Water Seller

  • Have at least 100 net water production


  • Control 4 special regions

Greatest House

  • Reach 500 Landsraad Standing

Spice Addict

  • Have 5000 Spice in your stockpile


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