Wigmund – Crafting Resources Locations

A few maps to locate reagents for Crafting and Medicine professions.


On my playthrough I found myself lacking of certain resources to progress in crafting professions and it took some time to search. So, after beating the game, I made this small map guide with various locations. I hope it will help someone.

From my experience some of the nodes are more fixed to a particular spot and some are more flexible (i.e.: Mithril in the center of Gobline Mines in Act 3), but they should be around in close proximity, so don’t worry, just look around and you will find it.

If a little time has passed since the last gathering, then not all reagents may respawn simultaneously and you will have to wait a bit longer.

  • In the game there is an artifact to speed up time to midnight. As far as I can tell it does not effect the real time required for resource to respawn.
  • Some locations may be missing. I indicated those that I encountered in my playthrough, but I’m not guarantee that it’s 100%.

Act 1

Lonely Valley

  • Yellow points – reagents for Medicine profession
  • Orange points – reagents for Crafting profession

Wolf’s Den/Caverns

Act 2

Frod Forest

All unnamed Orange points are Ore (Iron/Silver) nodes

Turquoise circles:

  • 1 – Hyf’s Bee Farm (Honey consumable/reagent for Survival profession)
  • 2 – Mountain pass to the valley. Useful for gathering nearby resources and then teleporting back to the village
  • 3 & 4 – Stone Golems locations. Good for Salt/Stone/Emeralds farm
  • 5 – Dragon Cave. Good for Dragon Hide farm. The place also contains 1 Ore and 5 Coal nodes (sometimes you get 2 coals out of 1 coal node)
  • 6 – Goblin Mine (not to be confused with “Gobline Mines” dungeon next to it). Goblins are respawning in the furthest room and good for Iron Ore/Coal farm. The place itself has 3-4 Ore nodes often including Gold

Bear’s Den

Act 3

Goblin Mines

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  1. These are great maps. Is the a list were you can get spices, ginger, salt? Salt is from mining I think but not sure.

  2. Thanks a lot, this is just what I needed. That St.Johns Wort always eluded me and I had remember that I already seen, but where? 🙂 Cudos!

  3. I’ve checked compared to our internal open-world map resource distribution, and I’d say it’s ~95% accurate.

    One note, some resources don’t respawn in the exact same location, they can vary a little bit, but not much, only about 5-15 yards.

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