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City Activities Guide


Everything related to the Lottery, this activity may seem really incidental, but it is the center of your runs.

The lottery allows you to get gifts that increase the affection of secondary characters, but also skills, rare items and the “real endgame”.

  • The Lottery guy.
  • The Ingredients Merchand.

You need a “Lottery Ticket” to be able to play it. To get one it’s easy, buy ingredients from the ingredient merchants. For every 5 items you buy, you win 1 ticket.

Green Ball

Receive 5 random ingredients (defined for the moment).

Red Ball

  • A book that unlocks a “Menkai” skill (only 1 copy).
  • An erotic book (only 1 copy).
  • Gift box (gain 1 / lottery draw).

Blue Ball

3 support objects (Proteine / Support GUM / Core Drink).

Grey Ball

A mask (For Mizuki EV).

Golden Ball

  • The travel ticket for “The Hot Springs”.
  • Secret of body remodeling”.
  • 5 Gift box.


(Only valid at the official release of the game!) This ticket is mandatory to unlock the end of the game in the “Hot spring” with all members of the Ichinose family.

  • No use, for the moment?
  • Unlike the red ball, the golden ball offers 5 “Gift boxes”

Wild Vegetable Man

A man you can send on “Expeditions” for a fee to bring you “rare” ingredients.

Where is He?

During the day, he is in the mountain, You can send him catch some ingredients for your dishes.

After chatting with him, you can go to his apapartement (the one next to Kagami), where he’ll sell you ingredients.

A Strange Flower

You can send the flower pot man to collect items in the mountain.

A Walk in Mountain

You can go for a ride in the mountain, you will increase your stamina gauge and Boku will take advantage of it to collect any resource on the way, you can also gain exp.

Part of the day will be spent. Ex: If you hike at 08:00 you will pick back up at 12:00.


The game will consume 99% of your stamina gauge.

It is calculated as follows: (Your current Stamina 60/120) 60/10 = +6

Same for Memory and Exp

If you have consumed 60 stamina you gain:

  • +6 Memory
  • +6 Exp

Check your current level and if you can level up, in this case I advise you to make the walk in the mountain, At the end you can regenerate all your stamina with your level up.

Hot Spring (Suzuka)

This is the place where Suzuka can shower and go to the bathroom.

Of course you can attack Suzuka while she is washing or in the toilet.

  • Suzuka 19:00 to 20:00 (Same time as Yui).


In the shrine, you can ask for today’s fortune or donate money or things to the offering box.

You can ask for today’s fortune on the left side building (100 yen once a day).

The yellow words means your today’s fortune, then it will pop up some events and gain buff.

(Like this one means very lucky , and it gives 15 points of memory and 20 xp and 500 yens).

Girls Buff

Speaking of buff, it will make girls talking with you happier. (And it also give girls more affection when donate gift box to offering box, but later we will mention it).

Offering Box

You donate money or things on this box.

  • Left: donate 100 yen.
  • Mid: donate 500 yen.
  • Right: donate things.

Every time you donate 1000 yen , you will get an event and a random achievement.

(Event: Uncle will lower 10 points of suspicion and boku will gain 10 xp).

Every time you donate 5 things , you will get 500 yen.

And if you donate a gift box , every girl will gain affection.

Normally, they will get 5 points, depending on your today’s fortune.

  • (“小吉” means a little lucky , they get 6 points).
  • (“中吉” means lucky , they get 7 points).
  • (“大吉” means super lucky, they get 8 points).

(Only the heroines you have unlocked).

I hope you found this helpful!

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