Age of Empires Mobile – Recommended Signet Rings for Heroes

We present you with a comprehensive guide to various lineups with signet ring setups.

Guide to Various Lineups with Signet Ring Setups

We will detail strategies for eight powerful lineups with signet ring setups. To help you better understand each one of them, we’ve prepared detailed illustrations. With this guide, you’ll easily handle various combat scenarios and become a true master of the battlefield!

Counterattack & Pikemen: Group Fight

There’s a chance to trigger a counterattack when hit by normal attacks; trigger chance increases against multiple enemies, which maximizes its potential.

Duel & Cavalry: Battlefield Domination

Its commander skill slows enemies and the secondary strike skills inflict additional damage on slowed enemies. This setup is ideal for skirmishes and pursuits.

Double Attack & Cavalry: Critical Strike Ace

This lineup relies on high critical strike rates and secondary strike skills to maximize damage output for your cavalry.

Tactician & Archers: Debuff Manipulator

This lineup constantly inflicts debuffs on enemies to maximize your archers’ damage output.

Warrior & Cavalry: King Arthur

Centered around King Arthur, this lineup uses his true damage effect combined with double attack skills for maximum output efficiency.

Warrior & Swordsmen: Samurai

A swordsmen troop that relies on active skills to deal significant might damage. Notably, King David and Hammurabi have synergistic effects of exploiting the enemy’s rout.

Mulan & Archers: Double Attack

With Mulan at the core, this lineup maximizes secondary strike skill triggers through Attila the Hun’s double attack effects for massive damage.


This lineup is suitable for resource gathering, equipped with gathering skills to enhance gathering efficiency. All heroes in this lineup are freely accessible.

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In this part, we take a closer look at the strategies for nine more powerful setups to help you dominate the battlefield!

Counterattack & Pikemen: Group Fight

This lineup features with passive damage output from counterattacks when taking normal attacks, with an increased trigger chance against multiple enemies.

Critical Strike & Cavalry: Beginner’s Choice

Centered around Guan Yu, this lineup relies on its high critical strike rate to deal massive damage through critical strikes of normal attacks and skills.

Strategy Damage & Swordsmen: High Damage Output

This lineup features with strategy damage, frequently triggering signature skills for tons of strategy damage.

True Damage & Swordsmen: Legendary Emperors

This lineup centers around King Arthur’s ability to ignore enemy defenses, which can be combined with Constantine the Great’s healing and damage reduction for high overall combat effectiveness.

Warrior & Swordsmen: Mainstay of Sieges

This lineup features with strong siege attributes, which can be paired with siege skills to inflict massive damage on cities.

Marshal & Pikemen: Stable Survivability

With turn-based skills as the primary means of damage output and healing, this lineup features with strong stability.

Tactician & Cavalry: Brawn & Brain

A cavalry troop featured with hybrid damage that deals both might and strategy damage and weakens enemy commanders’ attributes.

Princess & Swordsmen: Early Stage

Centered around Josephine, this lineup consists of easily accessible heroes and is reasonably strong, suitable for beginners.

Heroines & Archers: Beginner’s Choice

Centered around Mulan, this lineup maximizes secondary strike skill triggered through the coordination of three heroes.

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