Winter Memories – Ultimate Guide to All Mini-Games

Mini-Games Guide (How to Play)

If in the first game each heroine had her own mini-game, in this game you can do any mini-game with any heroine (Main) or even do it alone, it seems to count for the EV conditions.

(Mob) Serving Food

Part time job serving food to customers. Match the name of the dish to the name in the text bubble. Right click to shift between dishes. Earn money upon completion.

Depending on the amount of dishes you serve, you will learn recipies to cook food. This is necessary for Suzuka’s Questline.

(Ichinose) Mathematics


In the middle of your screen you have a table with an equation, subtraction… whatever and below you have three choices, you just have to select the right answer.

  • Right click button of the mouse to Valid.
  • Hold left button to increase gauge.
  • Release the left button to lower the gauge.

In this mini-game you can’t “lock” your cursor, and you have a response timer, so make sure you are in front of your screen when you play it! Dwitter will ask you for a perfect score to get these rewards (70exp).


In Yui room.

Perfect Score Rewards

  • Yen Gain: 368yens / 23 good answers
  • Bonus PS: 500yens
  • = 16 yens/1 Correct answer

(Ichinose) Wash Dishes

The aim is to clean the dishes, which have a score that decreases with the washing power applied.

  • Hold or Release left click to select wash power.
  • Right click for “Lock”.

The aim is to bring the score down to 0. Beware: if the dish’s score falls to -1 or less, the dish is broken.

(Suzuka) Cooking


Cook food that can be used as presents for heroines.


Gain points by clicking on time to land in an area that will give you high points. The more points you got, Better is the reward.

More Dishes.
More Exp Points.
  • Red: 5
  • Orange: 3
  • Yellow: 1


At Suzuka camp.


  • +30 exps
  • 30 minutes spent

1 Dishes make (+2 for 54 points).

  • You can gain 3 dishes maximum per Cooking

(Kagami) Training


  • Accumalating the numbers here will improve your score when you reach the maximim!
  • Left click raise and lower the bar and do lots of pull-ups! Watch your dwindling physical strenght!
  • If you raise the bar to the maximum, it will be added to your score! This score will be your experience point!

Only available with Kagami

2 Stamina / S consumed

  • From 8 to 0 Pull-ups = 1 Exp
  • From 12 to 8 Pull-ups = 2 Exp
  • From 12 and more Pull-ups = 3 Exp

Understand that, once you keep Boku consuming your pull-ups, the more points you have accumulated, the more experience rewards you will get, for example if you have done 7 pull-ups and you consume them you will get 7 more experiences, if you have 50 pull-ups and you consume them you will get 130 experiences (50 accumulated to 12 = 114p / 12 to 8 4×2 = 8/ 8 to 0 1×8= 8).

(Ichinose) Japenese Kanji

Japanese Kanji

On the various images shared by Ikeda, It just seems that you have to rewrite over a pre-written text, I guess the more precise you are, the higher the score will be, to see the rewards and time consuming.

You’ll have to follow a line without “pressing” too much to avoid making the brush drool. The faster and more precise you are, the higher the final score will be.

The Mini-game is here (Only in the final release).


Click to keep your arrow where the fish is for a set period of time.

Where I can Fish?

Fish Bait

Before you go fishing, you’ll need fishing bait, which you can buy at the Shizuku store.

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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