WitchSpring R – Good Listener Achievement Tips

It seems like you need to do absolutely all ‘quests’ which don’t get marked in any way.

How to Obtain Good Listener Achievement

Basically help absolutely everyone.

This means the 2 shipwreck quests(the lazy guy and the female warrior, both seem missable and must be done before getting 3rd blessing), all astolfo events, the dragon scholar lady, Luna(seems to be chapter 7, hence pretty short completion window), Reina(chapter 7, small window of completion), possibly Balt(simply talk to him after getting 3rd blessing) everything I might have forgot to mention.

One of easiest to miss events is near game finale.

After you beat Kate + Lyvia fight there will be a doll on the floor. Go BACK into previous location and then back to this one for a dialogue of Astolfo+Kate.

If you don’t do this you have screwed up since progressing further is a point of no return.

The achievement itself pops up only after the game ending when you get a cutscene which is kinda a recap of what everyone above is doing.

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