Wizardry 6: Bane of the Cosmic Forge – List of Spells

List of Spells


  • M = Mage
  • P = Priest
  • N = Psion
  • A = Alchemist


1Energy BlastM1-7 dmg * Power
2Blinding FlashAGroup: Reduce ToHit
3FireballM2-10 dmg to 3+ mobs
3Fire ShieldMParty: Protection from Fire Spells
4Fire BombA3-9 dmg to 4+ mobs
5LightningP1-10 dmg to 3+ mobs
5Prismic MissileM5-25 dmg, all mobs
6FirestormMCloud Effect: Fire dmg
7Nuclear BlastM5-25 dmg, all mobs


1Chilling TouchM1-6 dmg
1StaminaP,N,AReplenish Stamina
1TerrorM,NGroup: Flee from combat
2WeakenM,NReduced dmg, 3+ mobs
2SlowP,NSlows targets ( Initiative, To Hit )
3HasteP, NSpeeds up characters ( Initiative )
3Cure ParalysisP, N, ACure Paralysis
3Ice ShieldMParty: Protection from Cold Spells
4IceballM3-12 dmg to 4+ mob
4ParalyzeP, NSolidify single mob
5Deep FreezeM3-30 dmg to single mob


1PoisonA1-5 dmg to single mob
2Missile ShieldMProtection from ranged projectiles
3Stink BombM, A1-6 dmg to 3+ mobs
3Air PocketM, AProtection from cloud spells
3SilenceP, NPrevents casting spells
4Poison GasACloud Effect: Poison dmg
4Cure PoisonP, ACure Poison
4WhirlwindP1-7 dmg to 3+ mobs
5Purify AirP, AParty: Remove cloud effects
5Deadly PoisonA3-15 dmg to single mob
5LevitateMParty: prevents fall damage (pits)
6Toxic VaporsA2-6 dmg to 1+ mobs
6Noxious FumesM, AGroup: chance to kill mob
7Deadly AirA4-16 dmg to all mobs


1Acid SplashA1-7 dmg to single mob
1Itching SkinAReduce Attack/Defence
1Armor ShieldMImprove AC
1DirectionMParty: Compass(N,S,E,W)
2Knock-KnockM, NUnlocks doors and chests
3BladesP, N2-8 dmg to 3+ mobs
3WebM, ACapture single mob
4ArmorplatePParty: Improve AC
4Acid BombACloud effect: Acid dmg
4ArmorMeltM, NGroup: Raise AC
5CreateLifeASummon: Organic Assistant
6CureStoneP, ARestore Stone


1Mental AttackN1-7 dmg to single mob, Chance of insanity
1SleepM, N, ASleep 3+ mobs
1BlessP, NParty: Improve ToHit and AC
1CharmP, N, AReduce attack chance
2Cure Lesser CndP, N, ACure Afraid, Asleep, Blind, Nausea, Irritated
2Divine TrapP, NDetects trap type
2Detect SecretM, NParty: Detect hidden doors
2IdentifyP, NReveal true name of monster or item
3Hold MonstersP, NParalyze 3+ mobs
3MindReadNReveal NPC topics
3Sane MindP, NRestore sanity
4Psionic BlastP1-7 dmg to 3+ mobs
4IllusionPSummon: Illusion Assistant
4Wizard’s EyeM, PTop-down map around you
5DeathP, NChance to kill mob
6Locate ObjectP, NFind object
7Mind FlayP4-16 dmg to all mobs, chance of insanity


1Heal WoundsP, N, AHeals 1-8 hitpoints
1Make WoundsP1-8 dmg to single mob
1Magic MissileM1-7 dmg to 1+ mobs
2Dispel UndeadPChance to dispel 1+ undead
2Enchanted BladePParty: Increase ToHit and Penetration
3BlinkM, PPartial Invisibility (harder to hit)
3Magic ScreenMParty: Protection from spells
4ConjurationM, PSummon: Ethereal Plane Assistant
4Anti-MagicMSpells Fizzle/Backfire more often
5Remove CursePRemove Curse
6LifestealP, NSteals 4-16 health from mob
6Astral GateM, PBanish 1+ demons
7Word of DeathP4-16 dmg to all mobs
7ResurrectionM, P, NDead Party Member comes back to life
7Death WishPChance to kill all mobs

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