Arcade Paradise – Woodgal’s Adventure Tips (Endless Mode)

All the tips for Woodgal’s Adventure – Endless mode.

Tips to Woodgal’s Adventure

Disclaimer – read first

Beware, you will need to first complete the tutorial of King Laundry before you can actually save all your progresses, so don’t force quit the game you need to finish the tutorial to be able to quit and save the game.

Beating the Game

First you will have to beat the game by:

  • Repairing all the bridges.
  • Beating the queen.


The good thing is that that game is saved at any moment, so you can use the button to leave the game. When joinning the game again, you will respawn either at the start of the game or at the latest savedisk you touched.

Farming stars

To help you progress in the game you will need to collect stars:

  • Beating a type of ennemy will give you a color-specific star.
  • Collecting 5 branches of the same star.

Helpful NPCs

Furthemore two NPC will aid you in your quest after you have beaten them:

  • The shop lady will give allow you to purchase power ups.
  • The glasses guy will unlock the savedisks that will act as checkpoint should you touch them.

Unlocking Endless Mode

After you have beaten the game, you will be able to contruct 2 bridges that each lead to a unicorn.

Plain Unicorn

  • Can be found in the last area.
  • Requires 5 / 5 / 15 / 15 / 10 / 10 stars.
  • Unlock an endless grid of 8 x 8.

Antartic Unicorn

  • Can be found at the north-east of the shop lady.
  • Requires 10 / 10 / 5 / 5 / 15 / 15 stars.
  • Unlock an endless grid of 10 x 10.

Gameplay Tips


Difficulty seems to not matter for the game difficulty but only for the income of the arcade cabinet.


Can be used in this mode.

So you might purchase them and use them when you are confident.

Bonus Pastries

Unlock when you do a pattern:

  • 4 in a row/colum – Black tart – Destroy either a row or column.
  • 3 in a row and 3 in a column – Pink tart – Destroy the row and column.
  • Doughnut – Destroy a 3 x 3 grid around it.

By combining 2 pastries you will unlock a power up you can combine.

Using it will destroy all food of the matching icon choosen.


Any combo of 1 or more will give you 3 things:

  • Points.
  • Extra time.
  • Freezing time for a very short duration.


Pretty sure higher combos and pastries will give you a lot of points.

Scores 1500 in Endless Mode

Fow now I’m not sure how many players did achieve that one.

For sure you will need to:

  • Be very fast by chaining multiples combos of 1 or more.
  • Keeping power ups to each a higher score.
Written by Menace123


  1. at the princess island (where u hand in the cake and sing happy birthday to your sister (princess), its the island past the king piggy. purple bouncy slimes is what ur after. (xbox)

  2. Hey can anyone tell me how to get the purple Stars? I been trying for hours and restarted my game. again if anyone can tell me where or how to get them I will be extremely grateful.

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