Wolfenstein: The New Order – Demolition Perk 7 Easy

“I can barely CATCH enemy grenades, you want me to get KILLS with them?!” I know your pain, and I have the answer. This guide is short, don’t worry.


So, You’ve decided to either 100% the game or max out your Demolition skill tree, both respectable goals, but you’re stuck on that damn 7th Perk!

For those unaware, the 7th perk in the demolition skill tree (aka “Sentinel”) can only be unlocked one way, with two feats of heroism included:

  • You have to scramble to CATCH enemy grenades, which usually have you running out of cover to get them
  • You have to use your 5-second window to not only throw them back, but get KILLS with them!

Quite simple, on paper. Unfortunately, Wolfenstein: TNO isn’t played on paper.

The Actual Tutorial

For many of you, your first question is probably, “are there any enemies that are guaranteed to throw grenades?” Sort of. Don’t you worry about that, there’s a better, less tedious way.

The second issue you might run into is the simple fact that grenades aren’t guaranteed one-shot kills; no matter how long you grind to find thrown grenades, there’s always a chance that your target will survive them.

Both problems can be solved in the easiest chapter to get to:

Chapter 1: Deathshead’s Compound.

  1. Complete the introduction as normal until just after you reunite with Fergus, when he has you disable the mounted gun in a bunker.
  2. Collect as many grenades as you can carry from the grenade chest, disable the gun, then collect another grenade from the chest before heading through the hole in the floor. You will not be able to return, so make your grenades count.
  3. From now on, every time you see a Nazi, aim for the knees with your gun of choice, but do NOT kill them

Remember when the perk description said to use enemy grenades? If you check the game’s perk description, you might notice that detail missing. Really, it says “Thrown-Back” Grenades. Can you see where I’m going with this?

  1. After clustering a few low-health, immobilized Nazis, throw one of your grenades at your feet, then quickly hit the “throw back” button as you face the Nazis. Rinse and repeat a couple times and you should have yourself a shiny new perk and an Achievement to go along with it.
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