Wrestling Empire – Contract System Guide

This is a guide to the contract system in Wrestling Empire.

Guide to Contracts

Promotions Moral Compass

  • Maple Leaf – gives bad contract and try’s to abuse your attitude.
  • Super Lucha – same as maple leaf.
  • All American Wrestling – work for a better contract.

Important Positive and Creative Clauses for Different Playstyle

  • Creative – Creative Playstyle believe me you do not want your attire and move set gone by the GM.
  • Iron Clad – You don’t care about the Attire and Moveset part of the game but you Don’t want to get your contract terminated due to RNG scenarios.
  • Win Bonus – You Want extra for winning.
  • Downside Guarantee – You want money but not for injury’s.
  • Health Insurance – You want money for the rare injuries or You are hardcore man.
  • Favored Nations – You want to Have a high salary so you pick this to clone the salary of the person with the highest salary and make it yours.
  • No creative control – You don’t care about the attire and moveset part at all.
  • Enhancement Talent – You like a challenge this makes it so you only get money if you lose.
  • Overtime – You like playing the game several times each week or you are a Walmart employee and you are used to under paid overtime.
  • No Compete – I really don’t know what Playstyle will this be This clause makes it so you can’t go with other companies until your contract expires.
  • Immediate Start – You want to start a match Immediately.
  • Nepotism – You like team or having a manager Your partner, manager and friends will go with you.
  • Title Push – You are impatient and want a title match now.
  • Part Time – Lazy.
  • Incentive – You want winning to reward you and losing to not.
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