Element-174 – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This guide explains how you can get all achievements in the Element-174 game.

How to Obtain All Achievements

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Welcome To Branchfield, Stranger In Time

These achievements are unlocked as soon as you reach day 7 and day 14 end

Besties, Thinking of You, Won’t Be Left Behind, Bathroom Break, New Start

  • Day 1: give Zoey the pen and don’t punch Caleb. Don’t join the ero-games club for a point with Rachel in the future
  • Day 2: skip class for a point with Rachel and check out the city with Zoey so you can meet Katy, you can watch camgirls if you want but doom metal gives another point with Katy
  • Day 3: sit down with Zoey, explore college in the afternoon for a point with Rachel, in the evening go to Bob’s Corner to see if Katy is working
  • Day 4: Go to the dorms in the afternoon and choose to watch a zombie movie to get points with Katy and Rachel
  • Day 6: In the version 0.20c there’s a bug where “Thinking Of You” only gets triggered if you sneak into Rachel’s room after meeting with Malia, so if you lied to Holmes, pick up Malia’s call. If you go to the restaurant instead of staying with Sarah, you might unlock “Hungry Man” on day 7. In the evening, go to the Bob’s Corner when Katy texts you
  • Day 7: If the version of the game is 0.20c, meet with Malia and choose to spy on Rachel to unlock “Thinking Of You”, if the version is newer, you can choose not to meet them to unlock “Hungry Man” and then go to college and sneak into Rachel’s room to unlock “Thinking Of You”
  • Day 8: see if Katy is working in the evening to unlock “Bathroom Break”

From now on, choose any option that has Katy, Rachel or Zoey. You probably won’t have any other options anyway. When you have to choose between two of them, check who has less points on the character screen to make sure they will have 7/10 points by the end of day 14.

On day 14 you’ll have scenes with Rachel and Katy, which unlock “New Start” and “Won’t Be Left Behind”, as well as “Double The Fun” for being with two girls on the same day

Coming Attractions, Educational

These achievements are unlocked as a part of Ash route. To start the Ash route, don’t punch Caleb on the first day and join the ero-games club that Joey invites you to. To get points with her, spend the time at the club

To unlock “Coming Attractions”, you need to watch movies with Ash on day 6. For that, either invite Ash to the movies on day 5, or give Zoey a pen on the first day and go to the club on the second day instead of checking out the city with Zoey. When Chloe comes to the club and starts accusing you of using the club to watch porn, you need to take the blame and say it’s your fault. That way you can skip the club on day 5 if you want to try to keep Sarah’s route open.

“Educational” is currently bugged and cannot be unlocked. Once it’s fixed, you need to go to the club almost every day on week 2. You can skip Tuesday club meeting but every other meeting is necessary to teach Ash about relationships. On day 14 during the arcade scene with Ash, officer Holmes appears and starts asking you about Ash. You need to lie there to keep Ash’s route open. If you followed Holmes path on some other runs, you know why telling her about Ash is a bad idea. After Holmes leaves, tell Ash that you care about her as more than a friend to watch the last scene and unlock “Educational”.

Troublemaker, Patience

To unlock “Troublemaker”, you need to punch Caleb on day 1 and bully Madison or Jenna on day 4. When on day 5 you’re called to the assistant dean’s office, go there or you’ll miss this achievement

“Patience” is unlocked if you choose to have anal sex with Caroline during her scene on day 14. To do that, you have to avoid any action with Caroline when she’s drunk. That means no kissing after the breakfast with her on day 7 and no sex when you visit her apartment. You can skip these scenes entirely or just decline Caroline there.

1 Fan, Class Warfare

To unlock “#1 Fan” you need to watch the SluttyDemon streams 3 times.

  • The first stream is on the second day. Either check out the city with Zoey or study science if you ignored her on the first day and you’ll get the option to watch camgirls and see the first stream.
  • The second stream is on day 4 but Zoey’s visit interrupts you from watching it, so you need to see the recording of that stream on day 5. On day 4, defend Jenna or Madison so that you don’t get sent to Caroline’s office on the next day. When Chloe is complaining about Allen and Daniel watching porn, watch the video with them, it will be a recording of the stream from day 4 and the second time you watch SluttyDemon.
  • The third stream is on day 8 and it’s available on all paths, currently there’s a bug that shows a missing image error, if you click “Ignore” the game will proceed to the point where it shows the next image.

To unlock “Class Warfare” you need to be on both Jules and Chloe routes on day 9 and turn down Jules.

  • To keep Chloe’s route open, you need to talk to her before day 7. For example when you watch the SluttyDemon’s stream with Allen and Daniel on day 5 to unlock “#1 Fan” or any other chance you get.
  • To keep Jules’s route open, you need to lie to Holmes on day 5 and get two more points with Jules. The easiest are attending the art class on day 2 if you don’t punch Caleb on day 1 and exploring the downtown on day 3 if you don’t study history on day 2.
  • Then you need to pick up Malia’s call on day 6 and meet her on day 7 instead of going to Jules. When Malia explains her mission, choose to go to the library and keep listening to Chloe until you propose to be her friend.
  • If you did it right, then on day 9 both Jules and Chloe will invite you to their place and you have to choose one. Choose Chloe to unlock “Class Warfare” but it will close Jules’s route.

Waste No Time, Sanctuary, Pest Control, Loyal Partner

To unlock “Waste No Time” you need to get 3 points with Emma and invite her to your place on day 7. To get points with Emma you can do the following

  • Punch Caleb and reply to the text you receive on the next day.
  • Don’t check out the city with Zoey and order pizza on day 3.
  • Choose Chaos during Trish’s personality test.
  • Don’t eavesdrop on Madison and Schafer. Having Emma’s route open on Madison route might be useful though
  • If you do half of these, then when Emma visits your house, you will unlock “Waste No Time”.

For “Sanctuary” and “Pest Control” you need to be on Emma and Holmes routes during day 14.

  • First of all, you need to punch Caleb. When Holmes brings you to Caroline’s office, you can apologize for a point with Caroline or say that you’ll do what you want for a point with Holmes.
  • Choose any of the options needed to unlock “Waste No Time” to keep Emma’s route open.
  • You also need to keep Katy’s points lower than 3 so either ignore Zoey or don’t check out the city, not meeting Katy helps with getting points with Emma as well.
  • When you fight Caleb again on day 3, say that you started the fight for another point with Holmes, and tell Holmes about Jules shoplifting on day 5.
  • On day 6, if you don’t have 3 points with Katy, you will probably see Jenna and another girl, say hello to them to trigger a subway scene with Holmes. If you don’t get Jenna’s scene, then you need to choose the path between going left and going right. Going left leads to a scene with Trish, so choose right.

Now you started the week 2 with Holmes and Emma routes active. “Loyal Partner”, “Pest Control” and “Sanctuary” are all mutually exclusive, so you can only unlock one on each run.

To unlock “Loyal Partner”, just choose every option with Holmes, you don’t even need to be on Emma’s route for that.

To unlock “Sanctuary” or “Pest Control”, you need to trail Emma, then have some guys in suits tell you that Emma is a spy and confront Emma about it.

Now, on day 13 evening, there will be a choice between Emma and Holmes when they both knock on the doors of your house. You need to answer the back door for Emma to unlock “Sanctuary” or “Pest Control”.

On day 14, you’ll meet with Holmes and she will ask you to tell her everything you know. If you tell her about Emma, you will unlock “Pest Control” after Holmes kills Emma in your bathroom. If you don’t tell her, you will reject Holmes but unlock “Sanctuary” and will keep Emma’s route open.

Pump It Up, Lifesaver

These achievements are unlocked on Isabella’s path. Isabella is one of the hardest girls to get because her path requires you to decline most invitations to hang out with other girls

  • The first day: Give Zoey a pen, don’t punch Caleb and don’t join the ero-games club to meet Isabella. If you don’t meet her here, her route will close after the first week.
  • When Zoey invites you to check out the city, decline and you’ll meet Isabella again. If you want to keep Sarah’s route open, you need to choose Reapers as your favorite team, or choose Sharks for another point with Isabella
  • Third day: Go home and you’ll see Isabella at the park, where she’ll give you her phone number, this is required for her to text you on day 6
  • When Isabella texts you and invites you to Bob’s Corner, go there and watch the soccer game with her
  • Day 8: To unlock “Lifesaver” and keep Isabella’s route open after the second week ends, you need to take the CPR class
  • Have lunch with Isabella on day 10 or day 11
  • Workout with Isabella on day 12 or 13 and don’t stop her to unlock “Pump It Up”
  • On day 14, during the swimming lesson with Isabella, you will unlock Lifesaver if you took the CPR class on day 8

Only A Dream, Like To Watch

“Only A Dream” and “Like To Watch” are unlocked on Jenna’s route.

To unlock “Only A Dream”, you need to lie to Holmes when you see Jules shoplifting, then don’t go to Bob’s Corner if Katy or Isabella invite you on day 6 and you’ll see the scene with Jenna. This scene also counts towards “Like To Watch” achievement. On day 7, visit Jules, then when you’re back at the downtown, cross the street to Jenna, you’ll get almost run over by a truck, unlocking “Close Call” and if you saw Jenna the previous night, you will unlock “Only A Dream”

To unlock “Like To Watch”, you have to keep Jenna’s route open after the first week, so first of all you need to join the ero-games club so you can meet Jenna on day 3. You can tell Joey that Jenna was looking for him for another point with Jenna or not for a point with Sarah. If you watch the scenes required to unlock “Only A Dream” just meeting Jenna here will be enough to keep the route open

On day 8 or day 9, have a coffee with Jenna and she’ll tell you about a problem she has at home.

Then you need to check up on her on day 10 and she’ll tell you about a spot where you can watch girls from the swimming team showering, watching Jenna shower there counts towards “Like To Watch” achievement

On day 11, Joey tells you that Jenna forgot her bag and you can offer to drop it off so he can go to the ero-games club. When you get to Joey and Jenna’s house, you’ll see Jenna and Ash in the bedroom, watch them, and if you watched Jenna in the alleyway on day 6 and showering on day 10, you will unlock “Like To Watch”

On day 13, if you have enough points, you need to watch Pugman with Jenna and kiss her when she takes you home to keep her route open. If you bullied Jenna on day 4, it will also unlock “Not-So-Nice Guy”

Thanks For Lying

To unlock this achievement, you need to lie to Holmes when you see Jules shoplifting, and visit her mansion when she invites you. In the current version there’s a bug where the achievement only unlocks if you visit her on day 7. If you have 3 or more points with Jules, she will invite you again on day 9 and in the next update it will also trigger the achievement

Coincidence, Athena

  • Day 1: Ignore Zoey
  • Day 2: Study history
  • Day 3: Look for macarons in the evening
  • Day 4: Bully Madison if you want to unlock “Not-So-Nice Guy” or defend her
  • Day 5: Eavesdrop on Madison and Schafer
  • Day 6: Go to the restaurant, if you looked for macarons on day 3, you will unlock “Coincidence”

To unlock “Athena”, you need to explore the downtown side streets on Tuesday or Thrusday, then go to the downtown on Friday and finally see Madison at the BSC on Sunday. Don’t reject Madison there to unlock “Athena”, if you also bullied her on day 4 you’ll unlock “Not-So-Nice Guy”

Not-So-Nice Guy

Bully Madison on day 4 and then unlock “Athena” achievement or bully Jenna and then proceed to keep her route open until the end of the second week

Madison’s route is explained in “Athena” section

To keep Jenna’s route open, you need to get 3 points by the end of the first week and see her scene on day 7. To do that, you need to join the ero-games club so you can meet Jenna on day 3. Then you need to lie when you see Jules shoplifting and visit her mansion on day 7. You also need to get one more point with Jenna, you can get it either by telling Joey that Jenna was looking for him on day 3 or by watching her scene on day 6. Or both.

After returning from Jules’s mansion, cross the street to Jenna and unlock “Close Call” and “Only A Dream”, if you watched Jenna’s scene on day 6. This will ensure that her route is open on week 2

Have a coffee with Jenna on day 8 or day 9, then watch any other scene with her on days 9, 10 or 11. You need 2-3 scenes so you have at least 6 points on day 13.

On day 13, watch Pugman with Jenna and when she takes you home and tells you that she is falling for you, kiss her to keep her route open. If you bullied her on day 4, you will unlock “Not-So-Nice Guy” by the end of the scene

Park Watcher, Fellow Conspiracist

These achievements are unlocked on Malia’s route. To keep Malia’s route open during week 2, you need to meet with her on day 7 and get 3 points during the first week. You can get points with her by doing the following

  • Punch Caleb and ignore the text on the next day.
  • Help Penny on day 4 and lead her to dean Blakeman.
  • Bully Madison or Jenna and don’t go to Caroline’s office on day 5.
  • Pick up her call on day 6. If you lied to Holmes about shoplifting, this is required.
  • Meet with Malia on day 7.

On the second week, meet with Malia at the fast food restaurant, then on day 10 or day 11 meet with her in the park for spy lessons, if you complete the spying lesson despite any distractions, you will unlock “Park Watcher”.

After that, you need to visit Malia’s house, you can go there on day 11 or day 12.

To unlock “Fellow Conspiracist”, find Malia on day 14 morning and don’t reject her after you get back to her house,

The New Girl, The Other Path

The easiest way is to enable the walkthrough and just choose every option that has a picture of Penny above it, but here’s how you get all 10 points

  • Help Penny find the library on day 3.
  • Don’t visit the dorms or science lab on day 4.
  • Defend Madison or Jenna and sit down with Penny on day 5.
  • Help Penny when Caleb is harassing her at the store on day 6.
  • Shop with Penny on day 7.
  • Go with Penny to the closet on day 8.
  • Go on a date with Penny on day 10.
  • Go on another date with Penny on day 13.
  • Go after her on day 14.

Complicated Road, All The Right Things

These achievements unlock on Sarah’s route. The easiest way to unlock “Complicated Road” is to enable the walkthrough and choose every option during the first week that has Sarah’s picture over it.

  • Ignore Zoey on the first day and join the ero-games club.
  • Skip class, this is needed so you can watch the movie with Sarah in Rachel’s dorm later. Study history and then go home, you’ll meet Sarah on the way home.
  • Don’t tell Joey about Jenna and you’ll see Sarah at the park. Look for macarons instead of ordering pizza, it’s needed so you can watch the movie with Rachel.
  • Visit the dorms and choose to watch the classic movie with Rachel. Sarah will show up and watch the movie with you.
  • Do something else instead of going to the ero-games club on day 5 and you’ll find Sarah in the library.
  • Stay with Sarah on day 6 and she will show you her favorite spot on the rooftop of the library.

If you did all that, you’ll unlock “Complicated Road”.

To unlock “All The Right Things”, you need to keep Sarah’s route open on day 14 and say all the right things during her scene. To keep the route open, you need to slowly go to class on day 8 or day 9 and find Sarah’s old photo and ask her about it on day 11 or day 12. Then, on day 14, Sarah texts you and you find her on the library rooftop, where she is about to jump unless you manage to talk her out of it. You don’t need to pick all the right options to save her but you need them for the achievement, the options are

  • Sarah: “No one knows what it feels like to be in my situation”
  • You: “You’re right”
  • Sarah: “I think I’ve already experienced enough”
  • You: “Tell her about Ash” if you’re on the Ash route or “Don’t you want more?”
  • Sarah: “What exactly have I done with all the time I’ve been given?”
  • You: “You’ve improved others”
  • Sarah: “There wouldn’t be anyone to truly miss me.”
  • You: “There’s at least one person”
  • Sarah: “Aren’t I allowed to be selfish just this once? Haven’t I earned it?”
  • You: “Bring up Isabella” if you’re on Isabella’s route and she didn’t die, otherwise “Joy and sorrow”

If you picked all of these options, you will unlock “All The Right Things”

The last decision to be with Sarah or reject her and stay friends is not necessary for the achievement, but might be necessary to keep her alive if you didn’t pick all of the options above.

Do No Harm, For Great Justice

These achievements are unlocked on Trish’s route.

To unlock “Do No Harm”, you have to avoid fighting or bullying anyone during the first week.

  • Ignore Zoey on the first day and don’t punch Caleb. Even though punching Caleb can lead to one more point with Trish, you need to ignore him for the achievement.
  • On the second day study science and do the research on the internet, since you didn’t punch Caleb, you need every point with Trish you can get.
  • On day 4, defend Jenna or Madison, then go to the science lab and take Trish’s personality test.
  • On day 6, when you see Jenna in the alley, say hello and see a scene with Trish in the subway, which also unlocks “Close Call” achievement. After the scene ends, “Do No Harm” will be unlocked.

To unlock “For Great Justice”, you need to look for Trish on day 9 or day 10 to see her changing in the restroom and learning her secret. After that you need to go on two patrols with Trish and do not decline her when she suggests having sex or giving you a blowjob after a patrol.

Only Eyes For You, Girls Are Icky, Heartbreaker

Girls Are Icky is bugged at the moment and shows an error screen but if you click “Ignore” several times, the achievement will be unlocked.

The easiest way to unlock these achievements is to avoid action with any of the girls on the second week and rejecting them when you get a chance. The easiest to reject are Caroline, Holmes, Madison and Katy, you can reject them during their final scenes even if you did something with them before. Caroline, Madison and Katy’s routes don’t actually conflict with each other and you can get all 3 of their final scenes where you can reject them. For more details on how to keep their routes open, see the sections for “New Start”, “Athena” and “Patience”.

There’s also a way to completely avoid anyone but Zoey during the second week

  • Ignore Zoey
  • Punch Caleb
  • Apologize
  • Ignore the text
  • Study history
  • Go home
  • Help Penny find the library
  • Blame Caleb after the fight
  • Look for macarons
  • Bully Madison
  • Visit lab room and choose order in Trish’s test
  • Don’t go to Caroline’s office
  • Don’t eavesdrop on Madison and Schafer
  • Give information to Holmes
  • Help Penny
  • Stay with Sarah
  • Don’t meet with Malia
  • Go to college
  • Meet Emma at home

Choosing these options, everyone will have less than 3 points at the start of the second week. If you miss just one option with Zoey during the second week, for example if you don’t watch Pugman, you should unlock “Girls Are Icky”. If you choose every option with Zoey during week 2, you should unlock “Only Eyes For You”, but you can also change some options to get more points with Zoey without unlocking any more routes.

Hungry Man

Currently there’s a bug that prevents you from unlocking “Hungry Man” if you didn’t meet Caroline before day 7 but it will be fixed.

  • First of all, give Zoey a pen. Since there’s a bug, punch Caleb and apologize to Caroline for that.
  • On the next day, check out the city with Zoey to find Bob’s Corner, you’ll be eating there often. Search for doom metal to make sure Katy likes you because since you punched Caleb, you can’t watch the movie with Rachel and Katy.
  • Go eat at the Bob’s Corner on day 3.
  • If you lied to Holmes about the shoplifting incident, you need to help Penny when Malia calls you, otherwise you’ll miss the breakfast on day 7.
  • Since you punched Caleb, you don’t have to avoid getting points with Ash or accidentally inviting her to the movies. So when you see Sarah at the park on day 6, go to the restaurant and have a dinner with Madison.
  • When Katy texts you on day 6 and invites you to Bob’s Corner, of course you need to go there. It doesn’t matter that you just ate at the fancy restaurant, you are the Hungry Man.
  • On day 7, don’t meet with Jules or Malia, eat the breakfast at the gastropub with Caroline instead and you will unlock “Hungry Man”.

Double The Fun

This achievement will unlock if you’ve been with two girls on the same day. While there are many ways to get it, the most obvious way is described in the section for “Besties” achievement.

Close Call

This scene is unlocked when you have a near-death experience. There are 3 scenes that meet this criteria.

The first scene is described in “Only A Dream” section, where you almost get run over by a truck.

The other two scenes are similar, on day 6 you see Jenna in the alley with another girl, and if you’re on Holmes’ route (check out “Loyal Partner” and “Pest Control” for details) or on Trish’s route (check out “Do No Harm” for details), you can try to say hello. The girls will run away and you’ll end up wandering around until you end up at the subway station.
There, a man with a knife will try to rob you, but you will be saved by either Trish or Holmes.

Any of these 3 scenes unlocks “Close Call”.

Anomalous Memory

Watch any scene from the gallery.


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