X3: Reunion – Where to Find Free Ships

A quick short guide where to find free ships in the X3: Reunion game.

Free Ships

Toucan HaulerMenelaus Frontier43km, 7km, 35km
Iguana VanguardFamily Whi0km, 0km, 40km
Harrier SentinelThe Vault-25km, -10km, -14km
Buzzard HaulerFamily Tkr-35km, -7km, -10km
Buster SentinelAkeela’s Beacon30km, -10km, -30km
Buster SentienlTrasure Chest0km, 50km, 0km
Mamba RaiderLooManckStrat’s Legacy-17km, 0km, 0km
Mako RaiderDepths of Silence1km, -3km, 38km
Pericles VanguardUnknown Sector 8,16-10km, 10km, 10km
Falcon SentinelUnknown Sector 17,1-20km, 3km, 3km
NovaUnknown Sector 19,11-12km, 1km, -19km
Scorpion RaiderXenon Sector 1010km, 0km, 80km

The Bala Gi Mission

These ships become available once you finish escorting the trader in Grade Exchange.

NemesisUnknow Sector 19,1161km, 2.16km, -59.5km
Barracuda RaiderUnknow Sector 19,1160.6km, 2.21km, -59.3km
Falcon VanguardUnknow Sector 19,1160.9km, 2.30km, -59.3km
Mamba RaiderUnknow Sector 19,1160.9km, 2.32km, -58.9km
Mamba VanguardUnknow Sector 19,1160.8km, 2.25km, -59.2km
ArrowUnknow Sector 19,1160.9km, 2.23km, -59.2km
Discoverer VanguardUnknow Sector 19,1160.7km, 2.17km, -59.5km
Harrier VanguardUnknow Sector 19,1160.6km, 2.23km, -59.1km

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