Youropa – Statues Achievement Save File

A save file for easily getting the new achievement Statues.

Save File to Obtain Statues Achievement Easy


All you need is your Steam account, some basic computing skills, the game Youropa, and you’re good to go.

I’ve divided this guide into 5 simple steps for ease of use.

You ready guys? Let’s do this.

NB: This savefile is only for Statues, you won’t unlock the achievements for other collectibles with it. I had done all the other achievements previously and lost my savefile due to no Steam Cloud, and had to replay the game.

Step 1: Replace Your Save File

Download this savefile from Google Drive.

Replace the “savegame.xml” file in your “Steam\steamapps\common\Youropa\userdata” with the savefile you just downloaded.

Step 2: Pick the Level LookTemple

After you have replaced your savefile, launch the game Youropa and press on Play. This puts you in the level selection menu. The last 2 statues that need to be painted are in the LookTemple level. I chose LookTemple because in my humble opinion, it had the easiest statue locations which requiered no puzzling or crazy platforming.

So don’t dawdle and press on LookTemple.

Step 3: Get the Spray Paint

Once inside the level, make your way to the glowing center area and pick up the spray paint by pressing the E or Right Mouse Button.

Step 4: Get to the Statues

Once you have the spray paint, go up the ramp that is displayed on the picture below.

Step 5: Paint the Bad Boys

You’ve done it, my friend. You found the last 2 statues requiered for the achievement. Simply hold Left Mouse Button near the statues to paint these bad boys and get the elusive new achievement.

The achievement might not trigger right away, you might have to exit back to Main Menu for it to unlock.

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