Star Trek: Resurgence – Performance Fix Guide (Steam Deck)

Please note, this is not a full-fledged fix, just tips for performance improvement on Steam Deck.

Guide to Improve Performance

The framerate is locked at 62FPS and it cannot be changed in settings.

Try the Steam Deck’s FSR 1.1 It improved FSR a little.


In the Steam Deck’ performance tab, found under the “…” menu, set Scaling Filter to FSR.

In the game:

  • Disable Full Screen.
  • Set the resolution below 1280×800.

To check if it’s working, set Performance Overlay Level to 4. Also there will be an FSR entry showing On or Off.

The game is playable on Steam Deck, but the developers should improve FPS consistency, especially in areas with bigger drops.

Overall, it’s a fun experience on Deck. With some performance tweaks, it could be great.


There’s a settings file you can modify, but there’s no UI for it. It’s located at:

  • %AppData%\Local\StarTrekGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.cfg


  • sg.ShadowQuality to 1
  • sg.ResolutionQuality to 75.0
  • bUseDynamicResolution to True

It helped my Deck a lot.

This might enable the game’s FSR, but it could just be the shadows that made a difference.

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