WARNO – Guide to Infantry Pushes with Smoke (PVP)

Strategy Guide: Infantry Pushes with Smoke

We have established that on open terrain you do not want to push infantry. So how bad is it?

No Arty Support

Attacking Force:

  • 4 Mech Rifles (LAW)
  • 1 M1 Abrams
  • 1 M728 CEV

Defending Force:

  • 3 Mot.-Schützen
  • 2 KPz. T-72GM


Attacking force was totally destroyed. Defensive force took 1 damage on 1 unit of Mot.-Schützen.

Same Scenario this time with smoke and fires from 4 M106M2 Mortars.

With Arty Smokes and Fires

I used:

  • 4x Smoke
  • 4x Smoke
  • 4x Fire
  • 4x Smoke
  • 4x (Friendly) Fire


Defensive force was totally destroyed.

Attacking force lost:

  • 1x M1 Abrams
  • 2x Mech Rifles (Law)

Remaining Forces:

  • 1x Mech Rifles 4 Health
  • 1x Mech Rifles 1 Health
  • 1x M728 CEV 1 Health


Do not put smoke on the forest line, but a couple of 100 meters in front of it.


My units were firing at the 2x MI-2T so DPS was lost. Second smoke wave was on top of the enemy instead of being in front of it. Due to poor micro on my side, my mortars shelled my units and had 2 critical hits on 2 of my Mech Rifles. In general my micro is not very good. I expect players with better micro having fewer losses.


Pushing with Infantry on open terrain is suicide without Arty support. Even with Arty support it is deadly and if available, better alternatives should be used, but it can be successful.


When you absolutely need to push on open ground use Smoke in front (not on) the defensive line.

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